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Happy birthday Elli Woo!

Well that's it, my baby is 6! For Elli's birthday she had an ice skating party. Now this party was very well organized by the skating rink so much so that I felt unorganized as I hadn't had to do anything! Now to feel like I had something to do with the party apart from pay, I decided to make some personalised part bags for the kids I was worried that the kids wouldn't give a stuff what was on the front of their bags but the whoops of joy said it all! The Fat and Funky alpha is a set of stamps I cant help but grab for when ever I need an alphabet. A simple paper bag and a bit of glitter as can make a little project fab!. How about a 'goody bag' for the kids on Christmas day?This way the bag will double as a place card and the kids are quite during the yummy dinner.

Happy Birthday Elli Woo!
Love and bugs