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QVC are getting ready !!! So on Friday I went up to West London and spent the day filming a promo shoot for their Christmas in July shows.... More deets to follow soon :) :)
Stephanie was doing some FAB crafting on cupcakes...actually, thinking about it, she didn't share any...I may have to have a word with her about that ... Hee hee

Amy was busy on cards and I was working on a Scrapbook...probably the three most important memory making elements in a crafters life !!!

The house we were filming in was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G !!!! From the outside it just looked like a three bed semi...BUT...Oh my goodness ...THE INSIDE !!! Well, stunning. Oh and did i mention it was far from a three bed had 5 bedrooms and seven bathrooms. !!!! I did get photos and videos of the place but I think it would be wrong to post them on here, one, because of the owners privacy and two, because you'd all be very jealous and have the hump !!!
After whizzing home through the London traffic, I got back in ti…