Wednesday, 13 November 2013


Well after a FABULOUS 5 days up at the NEC with WOW Embossing Powders teaching over 360 amazing peeps :) :)
My hubby has whisked me away for a week, all I knew was the flight was at 10.25 from terminal 5, so with my powers of deduction, I deduced it was either Houston, LA or Nairobi !!!!
And after a long flight and what seemed like an even longer wait in customs....yes we got the guy who had, well let's say...."issues" and wanted to excerpt his authority....idiot !!! So much for 'we pledge to treat you with courtesy, dignity and respect" we landed in LA.
But, apparently we're only here for two days then we're off somewhere else.... Another surprise !!!
We're in a place called Calabasas, allegedly the home of the Kardashians, jeez they'll have trouble telling us apart !!!!
The hotel is just gorgeous.....

We had to try and stay awake so off we ventured to find a Cheesecake Factory, and find one we did.
I was VERY good and went for my favourite chicken salad sandwich with roasted almonds off their skinnylicious menu

We were right next to a shopping mall, so it felt compulsory to 'pop' in there and I found Paper Source..... Pretty much the same as our Paper Chase, just better LOL.... I found something there I just HAD to buy for Nina.

We had a quick nosey in the Coach store :) but then jet lag got the better of us, so we gave in and drove back to the hotel.
Rick has something planned today, so I really need to sleep....I don't know what it is yet, but I'll fill you in when I get back.
Oh yeah, and it's really hot and sunny here :)

Hugs xxxxxx

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