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Stash starved that is..... We had a super duper delivery on Thursday of soooo much yummy stash, we're still pricing it !!! I'm planning on getting some of it out today, its going to be a bit like a square peg in a round hole, think I need a bigger shop (sorry Ricky I didn't just say that) so bear with :) :)

Many of you know my love for ribbon, well, this is just one box of yummy new ribbons...

And this is our lovely Paula Poston hugging AND not letting go, I daren't show her the others, we had to prise them out of her hands to show another customer, don't worry she got to hug them again :) :) and went away with a happy purchase :) :)

Looks like we're going to have to re-order the fabulous Sparkle Medium, you loved that, we knew you would. !!!!

No sooner will we get this lot out and we have another delivery coming on Wednesday....see I told you I needed a bigger shop. LOL !!

Happy crafting everyone

Marion xxx

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