Wednesday, 3 June 2009


The trouble with hubby having the same day off as you is that you end up going shopping...right???
Well we ended up at lakeside on Monday, we had to go in the Apple Store and it seemed a shame to go all that way and NOT have lunch at Cafe Rouge, we came out with rather full bellies and smelling incredibly bad of GARLIC, we had to walk past M & S and out of the corner of my eye I spotted these little babies

Fell in love with them and decided to give them a home. Yes that's right, nestled among the loveliness are the M & S Raspberry and White Chocolate CUPCAKES. Oh boy!!! would you believe me if I said they were horrible?? No did'nt think so, so I won't lie, they were absolutely GORGEOUS.
While were on the subject of cakes.....Momma Muff did it again, honestly, she gets better every week...this week it was Raspberry, Fresh Cream and Meringue. Needless to say they were SIMPLY DIVINE.

Sunday was Polly's Flower Frenzy Class, and whilst the ladies on the morning class were very quiet (concentrating, I'm lead to believe) the afternoon was a different matter....we can always rely on Lyn for a giggle and she did'nt disappoint us...this time she had red tape stuck to her nose. (It's OK I got her permission to show this piccy)

On Thursday night we're going through all the Design Team Entries and choosing the worthy winners, whilst enjoying a KFC, as you do !!!!
We've got back in stock the DOTTY pens in various colours, and for all you wedding card makers we're getting the little embossed flowers in cream and white back in very soon along with lots of other colours, talking of weddings we've also got THE MOST beautiful DIAMANTE RIBBON SLIDERS on their way, I'll let you know when they get here.
P.S. We only have 4 spaces on the Banana Frog Day (27th June 2009) and 3 spaces on Polly's Journalling all day class (28th June 2009), quite shocked by how quick they went, but hey!two great teachers two great classes!!!