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I love PINS... especially hat pins, I've had a bit of a fetish for a couple of years now, they're just the perfect little embellishment !!
But... I always loose them, I put them down,  I can't find them, I pick them up, I prick myself.. so I needed a pin cushion, now I've made plenty of pin cushions in the past, from my sewing days, but I knew I wanted something different and one day I was flicking through the pages of one of my favourite trends magazines and saw it, it was perfect, it was a picture frame pin cushion. I LOVED it and needed to make one, but it had to be right.
I was halfway there, as a couple of years ago I bought a piece of fabric (I know I'm a hoarder), didn't know what to do with it, I just knew I had to have it, so it's sat on my shelf waiting to be used, then the other day I popped down to our local antiques centre and found the perfect little frame.
and look... just £3.00... bargain !!! I didn't like the colour, so quickly gave it a…