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Showing posts from March 17, 2010

Cosmic Crazy

Hi everyone, just thought I'd share one product I'm loving at the moment. I bought some cosmic shimmer powders a few weeks ago, but like most crafters I know, they went in the drawer with everything else, anyway I found them and they are just fab.

The affects you get on black card are just gorgeous. I covered the bottom part of the card with a Versamark stamp pad, then taking three different colours of the powders I sprinkled them all over the watermark area. By dabbing with a brush and working the colour into the area, you are left with a wonderful affect.

I then used one of my favourite stamps, scribble flowers, and by stamping the small flower over the cosmic coloured area with the versamark, it lifts the powder to reveal the black card magic!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For the top part of the card I stamped the medium scribble flower with the versamark ink and then dabbed the cosmic powder over the stamped area to gain a reverse effect.Hope your e…