Friday, 10 April 2015


well.....technically we're not in Boston, but actually a place called Wesborough, which is near Natick which has a wonderful shopping mall AND Cheesecake Factory.
I don't want anyone being jealous and thinking 'oh she's soooo lucky' as I would just like to remind you it's near freezing, there's snow on the ground and rain in the clouds :) :)
The first class was taught to all the lovely reps yesterday, which meant we had to wait to have the room prepared...well, we couldn't wait around for them to do it so Richard took things into his own hands and tried to do his 'let's clear this table in one fell swoop'
It didn't work !!!!! LOL... This is the lovely Katie one of the Collins' girls making a quick exit....
So the class was taught and then we had to go to the airport and pick up the lovely Jen, who's joining us for the weekend. Richard was cold and needed a jumper so it was him who actually suggested the mall...YAY !!!! And what a beautiful mall, I got Rick a fabulous bargain in the way of Greg Norman, so he'll be happy and I picked myself up a few bits in that shop and then I found a Pandora so added two new additions to my Troll bracelet...sorry forgot a photo..
This is one of my favourite all time stores.....
If any of you have ever been there you'll know what I mean...
Then it was on to Brookstones...oh boy as a techno lover I just love this place, this time I got lured in to the massage chair and got a full body massage....seriously, it was amazing and all for just $9000.00 yep, nine thousand, if only I could get it on the plane !!! Everything was good in the land of massage until I got tapped on the shoulder by the lad to say they were now closed..whoops !!! 

Here's a quick pic from above of a rather LARGE sushi place in the middle of the mall.
If you like sushi !!!!!
We went on to eat at a place called Uno, never been to one before, it's italian and actually really nice !! 
I had mashed potato with broccoli and the best tasting herb and garlic rubbed chicken...oh boy it was yum.
So, until the next instalment you carry on enjoying all that lovely sunshine I'm hearing about
Marion xx