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Showing posts from December 8, 2013


.....Play with Ribbon and Tulle...... Our little Elfred ..... Yes he's been named !!!!! Was a little bit naughty and got caught up playing with the ribbons and tulle. Serves him right LOL !!!

If I can untangle him he's coming on a road trip with me tomorrow.
In the meantime, I've been working on a layout class...dates will be announced soon... Here's a little sneak :)

Some of you may know that on the 16th I turn 50 !!!! Well, Nina (bless her heart) arranged a surprise gathering last night. I was absolutely gob smacked, just the fact that people had travelled from as far away as Surrey, Hertfordshire and Suffolk, and so many lovely customers were there, meant the world to me, unfortunately, it's a terrible picture to share with you but sadly it's all I've got :(

I'm truly honoured to be blessed with such friends in the industry as Julie Hickey, Paula Pascual, Emma Godfrey, Leandra Franich and hubby Mark, Tania (WOW) Ahmed, and EVERYONE else I know.