Thursday, 26 February 2009


One thing that flew out on the sale weekend was the AMERICAN CRAFTS cardstock packs, so some of us cried as we didn't get a chance to buy them and some of us kicked the person in front who brought the LAST ONE.....and ME.......well I ordered more didn't I!!! and TODAY they arrived in all their glory

They are super dooper packs of lusciousness, containing 60 sheets of cardstock textured on one side and smooth on the other and when you tear them they have a coloured core, basically they're a bit like a hybrid of Bazzill and Core-Dinations, the quality is fantastic and they only work out 29p a sheet, YES that's right 29p a sheet, we have them in PRIMARYS, PASTELS, TROPICALS, BRIGHTS, NEUTRALS, EARTHTONES, ALL BLACK AND ALL WHITE.
ooh err missus!!!
We've also had deliveries of new PUNCHES, the most gorgeous MAKING MEMORIES albums, MAKING MEMORIES tiny glitter alphabets, and New STAMP SETS that INCLUDE the acrylic block at a fantastic price, I might add!!!
Don't worry none of the above is from our American delivery, that's on it's way and hopefully here by the end of next week, don't forget if you're on our e mail newsletter then you get a special invite to buy before anyone else. You LUCKY people!!

Monday, 23 February 2009


Well after an incredibly BUSY weekend I had a lovely RELAXING day with a very special friend.
We try to get together once a month and usually do the girly thing and go to Bluewater for the day and end up looking at tops that we realise are actually dresses, we then feel really old and depressed for the rest of the day, but, TODAY was different, TODAY we went to the cinema or (pictures) as I still call it.
We decided to still do the girly thing and watch the Chick Flick CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC, and in my opinion was absolutely's a little teaser for you if you haven't already seen it The dance scene is soooo FUNNY, I have read all the books, I love Sophie Kinsella, she's a brilliant writer, it is slightly different but excellent nonetheless. After we'd scoffed our M & M Peanuts, we still needed/wanted more food, so trotted off to Chicago's (not been there before) and had lunch, and very nice it was too.
So if you're at a loose end, grab a mate and go watch this movie.

Sunday, 22 February 2009


I would like to introduce this gorgeous little bundle that goes by the name of LOLA and guess what???? her brother's called Charlie !!!

We love the fact that she's shouting our name out loud, go Lola, go Lola!!!
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU sooooo much for your support this weekend, it's been the best SALE ever and we're so glad you got yourselves some real bargains. We couldn't do it without you!!!
We're expecting all the new goodies from the States very SOON, those of you registered on our mailing list will be getting a very special invite to be amongst the first to get your hands on all the new stash, so keep an eye out for that e mail.
Normally I'd waffle away on here, but to be honest I am soooo tired, my feet feel like they've been walking on hot coals and I think I'm about to drop, so I've got my day off tomorrow (lunching with a friend, you know)!!! and I'll be bouncing back on Tuesday.
Once again THANK YOU, we truly do have the BEST CUSTOMERS.
Ooooh, I almost forgot Polly is going to re-run the Family Tree layout and the Home layout, so if you were one of the unlucky ones who didn't get on it last time look out for the e mail and get yourself booked on it.
I think that's it, now I'm going to collapse!!!

Friday, 20 February 2009


I'm guessing it wasn't as eventful as started simple enough, off to Lakeside with She Who Shall Remain Anonymous (SWSRA) up the A127, tried to turn off at the A128 only to find it completely snarled up then on to the M25, again, to find that chocca as well, fortunately SWSRA knew a back route through Upminster, so a little out of the way but kept moving none the less, now I'm going to digress.....I'm sure most of you are aware of such a thing as 6 degrees of separation, well this was more like a catastrophe of events. It all starts with two of our lovely customers, whom again shall remain anonymous! who begged and pleaded and kicked and cried to get on our already fully booked year album course (well actually they both asked very politely with just a little grovelling), us being the gorgeous lovely people that we are said YES, now this meant that I would have to get my lovely hubby to make our work tables longer, as they only seat 10, so off I trots to Ikea to get some legs (2 of), done that no problem, goes into lakeside, done a bit of girly shopping, as you do, everything that SWSRA picks out they have no stock of so she has to pay extra for home delivery, but it's worth it the top is GORGEOUS and it's for a very special date. Next we move on to food, at this point I would like to whole heartedly recommend Cafe Rouge, the Garlic Bread Sticks are simply yummy and VERY GARLICY!!! Panicked when they said they didn't have any straws, I only like to drink through a straw, sorry Type A and all that!!! eventually they found some (good people) and we proceeded through chicken ceasar salad and then dessert it was all VERY TASTY and the SERVICE was excellent. Called Ricky from CR to tell him I'd got some legs when HE suggested I go back and get two more, so off we trots back to Ikea, when SWSRA pulls out in front of a MOVING car, if that's not worrying enough that fact that she couldn't see what she'd done wrong was more worrying, so we parks up goes in and gets two more legs, whilst there SWSRA sees a unit she's wanted for a while on special offer, so trolley in hand we try to lift it and boy it's HEAVY, then out of nowhere along comes our Knight in Shinning Armour, well blue jeans and a T Shirt actually "would you like some help ladies?" "Oooh yes please we squeal" so he flexes his muscles and proceeds to lift, it's then that he realises maybe he shouldn't have been so gallant, but bless him he managed it in the end and off we strolls to the check out, we exchange money and SWSRA gets a desire to do a wee, she emerges after a while with her mobile in one hand and her battery in the other, it dropped on the floor, but it could have been worse as it could have gone down the loo, now that would be BAD!! I suggest that she brings the car round to the loading bay, I wait for a while then I hear a sort of intermittent siren and realise it's her and her car alarm is going off and that her key fob is broke and therefore it cannot be switched off (stay with me ladies, I know it's a long one) we're desperately trying to disable it, everyone is staring and then all hell breaks loose as she decides to PANIC, she phones Green Line, telling them we're two stranded women, it's dark and there are children at home, "Yeah should be within the hour" say's the nice lady at Green Flag, "look" I say "you can drive it home, it'll be fun people will think it's a police car and get out of our way and when you get to your house we'll disconnect the battery" is that a good suggestion?? NO !!! SWSRA gets on the phone to her brother screaming like a banshee at him outside Ikea, people are really starring now and having a little snigger, so I just go hide myself in the car and duck down, then another car pulls up next to us and now SWSRA's alarm is setting their alarm off!!! we kindly ask a lovely Ikea employee if he has any experience at disabling car alarms, we assure him we are not the police, he has a look bless him, to no avail, SWSRA goes into Ikeas's Customer Service area jumps the line, she's beyond caring now, and gets a screw driver (it's like something out of the shinning)!!! decides to take apart the key fob, the first tiny and I mean tiny screw comes loose, she hands it to me and I drop it, doh!!! The Ikea employee comes back over (I'm going to call him Horatio) and takes the key fob less screws and has a fiddle and......eventually disables the alarm, oh my, horatio's our hero, we jump for joy I find a fiver and stick it in his hand at which point he throws his arms around me and starts kissing me (on the cheek) and actually lifts me off the ground (he was a very strong man) Everything returns to normal, as calm as can be SWSRA calls back Green Line, "Hello, I'd like to cancel a call out please, Thank you" and off we trot leaving the other car alarm to carry on the noise destruction, I did forget to mention that in the process, SWSRA calls her mums and now has her worried, calls her dad, nothing wrong in that, but hey she isn't to know he was ASLEEP and the brother she called was actually in the BATH. Now I know she won't mind me writing this as she knows how much I LOVE her and let's face it she made it a VERY FUNNY evening, well, I laughed AFTER she'd given the screwdriver back!!! how was your Thursday evening???

Thursday, 19 February 2009


Well we survived Birmingham or rather Birmingham survived US!!!

Now, was it a good thing or a bad thing that I had Nina and Polly with me??? the answer to that is quite was GOOD for you and BAD for me!!!! WHY, I hear you cry.... well, Good for you because they dragged me out of my comfort zone, and let's say ENCOURAGED me to buy different stash, that I know you're gonna love, but may I just add it's NOT all PINK!!!! UURRGHHH!!! and if that wasn't bad enough for me, it was also really BAD for me as I spent a fortune!!! Not forgetting what's on it's way from CHA!!!! oh well, hey ho and all that!!! You guys have got some rather gorgeous yumminess to look forward to.
I want to say THANK YOU to the girls for a GREAT time, we did have a giggle, that was helped along when Polly got in the shower - we heard a bang followed by fits of laughter, well we thought it was laughter, it could have been tears....but no, we checked, it was laughter. It turned out she decided to park her bottom on the floor of the bathroom for a while!!! Don't worry I don't think she bruised.
We took loads of stash with us each so that we could have a PLAY when we got there and a bit of chill out time, but by the time we stopped chatting and actually got our bits out we were pretty much too tired to do any, so it all got packed away neatly ready for the return journey.

I couldn't resist showing you these, although Polly is probably going to KILL me now, but we think she looks so cute playing peek-a-boo!!

Now you probably want to know what's coming......well, there's (big gasp of breath) Daisy Bucket, Fancy Pants, Tattered Angels, Basic Grey, Bazzill, Autumn Leaves, Cosmo Cricket, K & Co, American Crafts, Martha Stewart, Ranger, Personal Impressions NEW clear stamps, oh and while I'm on that subject I will give myself a little mention (or the girls will have a go at me) I've been very honoured that Personal Impressions have taken on some of MY stamp designs and are now distributing them Nationwide, YAY!!!!
We've also got lots of BITS on their way to make yummy embellishments out of, lots of you know I love finding quirky little bits and doing different things with them, and this time is no exception.
Now all the trade shows are over I PROMISE I will get back into designing some new classes, I must just get this weekend out the way...we're having a SALE you know!!! and then I'll be in the swing of things, I can't wait to play with all the new stuff, I've got so many things whizzing around my head.
If any of you are off to the Make It Show this weekend, be sure to stop by Amanda's stand, Your Touch of Craft and say HI!!! Good luck Amanda, have a great one!!!
And I just want to finish off with MUM YOU'RE A STAR, a bliming BIG ONE!!!!

Sunday, 15 February 2009


Well we're off on our ROAD TRIP this afternoon. Myself, Nina and Polly are descending on Birmingham (watch out)!!!!! for the next three days. I love this trade show, whilst it is smaller than CHA it's much more personal and you get to meet up with so many old friends and catch up, but it's not all about tea and biscuits, I can't believe I just said that!!! It is about supporting our British Distributors and keeping this industry turning, oh alright it's also about having a bit of FUN and getting some super duper goodies for you lovely crafters out there.
Our CHA shipment should be arriving in the next two weeks or earlier if we're lucky. So we'll be busy, busy, busy unpacking, checking, pricing and then trying to find room for it.
Ricky wanted to publicly say THANK YOU to ME for such a romantic Valentines night last night....Yes I fell asleep at 8 o'clock, woke up at 11 o'clock and then went to bed, BUT I must say where was HE when I woke up at 4am????? Yes, that's right ASLEEP.... I ask you !!!!
For those of you that read my blog previously on being labelled a TYPE A personality I would just like to point out Bev and Shim, I haven't even packed yet!!!! Admittedly it's all under control and there in my head, all the ironing's done and everything's in piles ..... ready to be packed, so...OK I ADMIT I'M A TYPE A !!!!
I'll give you a an update on our return of all the yummies coming your way. Great weekend everyone (what's left of it) and see you soon. xxx

Friday, 13 February 2009


Here's a few more SNEAKS of the mini album I'm working on for BANANA FROG

These NEW STAMPS are perfect for 12" x 12" layouts and brilliant for mini albums (my favourite)!!! All the sets come with at least 7 stamps including a journaling block, a MUST HAVE for pages and mini's.

In the top picture I've stamped onto acetate (don't forget to use Staz-On)! then added extra bling with MY FAVOURITE Glamour Dust
The bottom picture shows the gorgeous journalling block, the swirls are just DIVINE!!!!!
Well we're off for our road trip in a couple of days and NO I haven't packed anything yet!! Yay for Polly for holding the fort today as I haven't been too well today, I think it's something Ricky cooked last night, although I daren't tell him that or he'll never cook again.......and he's such a good cook....USUALLY
We should be getting our CHA goodies in a couple of weeks, Oh I can hear Nina and Polly's hands clapping together, they do get excited. Don't worry we'll let you know as soon as they are here.
Oh..... and don't forget we've got our super duper SALE on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd February, come along and get your stash at 20% off....Yay!!! I hear you say.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009


For those of you that don't know I'm a DT member for BANANA FROG although I'm sure YOU ALL KNOW by now !!!!
In between "working" today I thought I'd share this little snippet with you

I've been lucky enough to "PLAY" with the NEW STAMP DESIGNS, I'm working on the Little Yellow Bicycle chipboard album and using their papers and they've gone brilliantly with the stamps, the scalloped heart actually stamps blank in the middle and I've just filled it in with the word LOVE, I'm feeling all mushy lately!!! I've also taken one of the border stamps and curved it around the edge of the page, if you look closely you can see a mistake !!! See I am human....
I'm using them all over this little book, I'll try and give you a few more sneaky peeks tomorrow, but I really must finish what I started today.....100 evening invites, I've already done the day ones, she say's wiping her brow.....I get going then I catch sight of the stamps and think oooohhh, "just a couple of minutes won't hurt"........

Tuesday, 10 February 2009


Thought I'd quickly share these with you......

My NEW pyjamas......oooh cute aren't they!!!
Ive just done this quickly in between running around like a looney today.
OMG!!! Guess what's just come in????? Yes the long awaited PEBBLES CHIPS, hurry as these are going to fly, even if it's just for the packaging, we've got them in Spring Green, Chocolate Brown, Off White, Black, Raspberry, Baby Pink, Orange and Baby Blue

and there's NO CALORIES!!!

Monday, 9 February 2009


Well, I knew the day would come at some time and alas it has come....
NO I'm not giving up the shop, SILLY..... But, I do have to say goodbye to my trusty old pyjamas (I'm typing this with a tear in my eye) I've had these Jammies for near on 15 years and whilst they were not used on a regular basis, they were always there for me on my trips aways. One person who will understand this is ADRIENNE as she has a pair virtually the same and the same age, all I will say Adrienne is careful when you roll over as you may hear a sudden ripping sound and.....oooops there they go!!!
I have to whizz out and buy a new pair now as I'm away with the girls next week and well..... I just would'nt do that to them!!!!
I haven't heard from any of them, so I'm assuming the three weekenders got back OK and had a great time inbetween.
Amanada (Your Touch of Craft) has FINALLY blogged...YAY!! check her out over on my Blogs I Love, for those of you that live in gorgeous Suffolk take a look at her classes and treat yourself.

Thursday, 5 February 2009


Adrienne, Polly and Fab are off for a girlie weekend to SCRAP the days away tomorrow - have a great one girls......EAT lots, DRINK lots and SCRAP lots.... Oh and Polly use this weekend to realise that you won't need THREE bags for our TWO nights away, honest !!!
I'm soooo into Two and a Half Men, it's on Para Comedy (if you can get it) it' s hilarious.
SHAME on GAYNOR.... Cindy and Gaynor came in today to pick up her Birthday pressie a Cricut Expression and went on to tell me about the giant French Fancy Birthday Cake she had, so whilst I couldn't justify buying a giant French Fancy at shopping tonight, I could justify a pack of six. Mmmmm, what is it with ME and CAKES ????
For those of you who fancy a bit of Non-Crafting ME TIME, can I recommend the book A WAG ABROAD by ALISON KERVIN it's V-Funny and very easy on the brain.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009


More CUPCAKES.....

These were brought at SPRINKLES in NEWPORT BEACH and we (Shim, Bev, Fiona, Chris and Byron) sat outside watching the world go by whilst eating these gorgeous little yummies.
This is Shimelle at the Two Peas Cupcake Eating Competition

Unfortunately, she didn't win, but that's because she's SUCH A LADY and didn't make a pig of herself and we were VERY PROUD of her.
How happy am I???? VERY.... LIFE ON MARS is being shown from the beginning tonight, I missed it the first time round, so I've made sure it's on series link, I hope it's as good as everyone says'.
Right must go and eat cupcakes...Ooops sorry I mean dinner !!!!!

Monday, 2 February 2009


Just thought I' share this piccy with you

These were just a few of the YUMMY cupcakes that we had at the Two Peas Reception in Anaheim, I could lie and say they were HORRID but I've never believed in LYING....So I'll give it to you straight.....They were GORGEOUS!!!! Ok you can stop dribbling now.
Hope you're all enjoying the snow and those of you with kiddie winks get them to lay in it and make SNOW ANGELS, it's a great PHOTO opportunity, you'll be glad you did.

Sunday, 1 February 2009


The draw has just taken place for the BLOG FOLLOWER for February ...... and the winner is.....SCRAPJACKIE. The next step is for SCRAPJACKIE to contact us with your details so that we may post out your prize.