Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Well here we are safe and sound in the beautiful State of Wisconsin, we're having a little vacation, as they say here in the States before we descend on CHA.
we flew into Chicago then followed Jerry upto his beautiful home in Lake Geneva, where we were greeted by his gorgeous wife Sue...these guys are just the best !!!
After a quick freshen up they took us down to their boat, where we drove across the lake to Gordy's restaurant... Now I know it's usually at this point that I share with you the picture of the sumptuous 1/2lb burger I had...BUT....Well basically I was so hungry I ate it, then remembered I hadnt taken a photo...whoops.
But I did get a few shots on and off the boat of Sue and the way the blurry brightness you see is called THE SUN !!!
When we arrived at Jerry and Sues we were greeted with a rather large box that had been sent over from the gorgeous Donna Valdez who lives in California, I opened it with excitement as I had no idea what was in there, imagine my surprise when I saw not 1 BUT 4 mahoosive tubs of THE most delicious popcorn you'll ever come across, it's loaded with nuts and it's just so delicious. Thank you Donna... You ROCK !!!
We're off out on trips all day tomorrow, so I'll keep you posted.
As usual this app is a nightmare and it won't let me post photos in any particular order :( :( . But I'm sure you can work out which one is the Poppycock!!!
Marion xxx