Tuesday, 8 September 2015


Having just returned (yesterday) from 4 days away in Portugal teaching at a fabulous event held by Patricia Villas-Boas (yes she is the sister of football manager Andre) but I don't think she plays football :) !!! I got to spend a little time with the lovely Michelle Johnson who works her magic for Stix 2 and she showed me some tricks with their glue gun... So what did I do ??? I made a necklace, of course !!!
It was so quick and simple, it looks gorgeous and it's now packed in my case... Tell you about that in a mo.
I have to say Patricia's hosting skills were amazing she took us to some fab restaurants, and fed us till we could eat no more, but I'm not complaining... Here's just a few snippets of the food sampled.

 What can I say...strawberry purée, ice cream and chocolate !!!

 Manoli and Michelle eyeing up each other's desserts

 The lovely Monica with Portugese cookies on our arrival !!
We did do some work whilst we were there... Honest !!!

The beautiful beach in Porto.
And now I'm back home and I've unpacked my suitcase only to pack it all up again, as I fly out to Orlando tomorrow to teach at the Collings a Event then on to North and South Carolina to teach at some fab stores there.
So I'll keep you updated with my food endeavours ... Obviously .... I actually get requests to post foodie pics...I'm sure it's so you can enjoy it and I'll take all the calories LOL.
Marion xxx