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Showing posts from November 19, 2008


Well it's been a few days since the last blog, that's because we've been BUSY!!!!
We went to the new water park AQUATICA, it's really lovely, it looks like they've bought in loads sand from the early learning centre, it was lovely, the rides were great.
OOPS I DID IT AGAIN..... got burnt that is, but this time i forgot to take a photo and it's not so bad now.
Jamie and Nicky joined us on Sunday, they've been to Disney and Universal and whizzing round the parks as there are just no queues. WONDERFUL !!!
We went to Seaworld on Monday, again no queues!! Sorry forgot my camera again.
We're off to Macy's today as they've got a big SALE on, so we'll see what's on offer then I think we're off to GATORLAND (very touristy) and then maybe the CHEESECAKE FACTORY, well I bliming hope so anyway.
Right off to have my morning bagel now and cup of English tea (we bought out PG Tips)