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Shrinkie, dinkie, doo dah!

Hi girlie's, this little project I made to show you something that I love to do with my stamps. Oh and to let you in on a little class secret..... I love shrink plastic, you know, Shrinkies that you do with the kids but a crafters version. This is sold in sheets and can be stamped on with an alcohol based ink like Stazon. Now most people would be putting this in the oven, the normal way of shrinking it but here at in Sugar and Spice land we like things to be done NOW and we haven't got a oven too! So we put them in a mug and heat with a heat gun. Make sure you keep moving the heat around and when the shrink plastic starts to bend, toss it like a pancake! It should shrink to 7 times smaller then how it started.
Ta dah!

How cute do the Fat n Funky look?!

Love and bugs Nina