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Things are coming your way.
I've just heard from a lovely lady that the NEW STASH is on it's way, Oh my, not only am I excited about ALL the NEW yummy products BUT.... I'm REALLY excited about my RUBBERMAID shelving for the utility room.
Those of you that have been to the States will probably know what Rubbermaid is (no it's not a kinky sex aid) but it is a shelving system that is so simple I can't believe we don't have it here, Ohhh I'm going to be so organised with my washing and ironing....sorry I know it probably sounds really sad and I is, but Amanda will agree with me, won't you????? Oh, please say you do!!!
Anyway, getting back to the products, you're gonna love the NEW Heidi Swapp - looks like we'll be doing a demo day for this - watch out for the e mail. Then there's also NEW Jenni Bowlin, Teresa Collins and more and more and more and more. Wooo Hooo !!!!