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Finally (6 years) after being asked by many customers to hold a retreat...we actually went ahead and did it !!!!

Now I won't deny that it wasn't a lot of hard work, but oh boy the gratification was AMAZING !!!

It all started on the Friday, off we trotted to Latimer Place, this was such a beautiful venue...Paula Poston, you chose well :) :) the view from my bedroom window was amazing

We couldn't get into our conference room until 6pm for set up, so we used the time to relax....

Here's Nina relaxing and well, I'm not going to show you Paula relaxing as I'll get in trouble ;)
Whilst we were sitting there some of our lovely ladies started showing up...

As you can see there was an abundance of biscuits ...

Look at our lovely Val and Suzanne, trying to get project info out of Paula...LOL !!!
Once we got in our room we worked like billy o to get it all set up, then joined the girls for dinner....and my oh my what lovely food, couldn't fault it in any way

Here's our …