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It seems like ages as I've had no Internet connection, but today is a happy day.... Yay!!!
As usual with this stupid Blogger app the picci's aren't going to come out in order so bear with... Again !!!
The shows been hard going on the old tootsies, but it's been fun, I've been meeting up with a few of my fav's :) :)
The displays are stunning as usual, I'll fill you in more over the next couple of days, but for now here a few shots of some loveliness INCLUDING designs from our very own UK import Fabbi . You know who you are Hunni and Natalie sends you her love, she had nothing but gorgeous things to say about you. This is very rushed, sorry but it's because we're just about to start a class with MLS.... LOVE these girls :) Rick was in charge of the camera today the the shots may be interesting, actually he's better than me.
So here goes for the picci's .... Enjoy the few...


Must come to an end !!!
Well, we spent our last day here at San Diego (sheds tears) it has been the most amazing week, this city is beautiful, everyone is so happy and nice, possibly because they live in such a gorgeous place.:) :)
We went to downtown and just caught the last of a Chinese festival ( even though I'm loading these photos in order, I know they're not necessarily coming out in order... Don't like this new blogger app)
We then went down to the front where there were some rather impressive ships, one of them being the Medway or Midway, I can't remember the name #fail !!! Anyhoo's it's a rather impressive US Navy aircraft carrier.
Whilst Ricky isn't a Navy Seal or anything like that, I really do have the best husband in the world, he drove me around San Diego taking me to scrapbook shops, Target, Michaels etc and not once complaining, so to say thank you I treated him to getting his teeth done !!
We then went on to see the sun go down at La Jol…


Relax. Today was a day for chilling by the pool.
On our way to breakfast we were greeted by a couple of parrots, just sitting there soaking up the sun.
Ahhh that's the life !!!
The pool was a bit crazy as it was soooo packed LOL... Although we did have to share it with a thirsty seagull.
If anyone ever comes out to San Diego, I can thoroughly recommend this place :) :)
We only have one more day here then it's on to Anaheim for CHA, I've been getting the sneak peeks through and...... Oooh getting excited !!!!!!
Hope the weather's being kind to you there :)
Marion xxx
Today saw us do something that we haven't done in a while..... Go out on bikes, no I'm not talking big honking 1250cc motor bikes I'm talking "bicycles" they took a bit of getting used to as there's no brakes on the handlebars, you just peddle backwards and that makes it brake !!! I know!!! I'm still finding it weird LOL. We cycled along the coast road and stopped off at a little pier, where people were fishing, probably getting their morning catch, I looked down and there was a rather large and gorgeous seal, just hanging around probably grabbing the catch before they did LOL !!! He was too quick for me to get my camera out ;)
Now a trip to the states isn't complete without a trip to Walmart, and Jane, if you're reading this I got your cherry lifesavers :) :) oh and while I was there a couple of packs of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups just happened to fall in my trolley, and it would have been so rude to take them out... right ??
We then went o…


In paradise...seriously it's soooooo gorgeous here !!
Today we went to the island of what a beautiful place !!! The sun was shining, the temp was 75 and we sat on the sidewalk in a lovely little cafe enjoying a rather mahoosive banana nut muffin.... Sorry, but we'd devoured it then realised we hadn't taken a photo LOL. !!
Then we took a stroll on the beach, it was a bit crowded ....
Ricky's showing off his camera skills. Eat your heart out Kirsty LOL !!!
Then we done a bit of rock pooling, this took us both back to childhood memories, unfortunately we only found one little, and I emphasise the word little, hermit crab !!! But I did get this shot....hope you appreciate it, it only took about 15mins to get the right wave, poor ruck nearly fell asleep :) :)
Now we know a post from the States isn't complete without another foodie shot, and this one was taken in Phil's B B Q. It was served on a 32" tray...yes I said 32" !!! And filled with…


well after a very LONG journey we finally arrived in San Diego and ohhhh it's so beautiful !!!
We started off today by having breakfast overlooking the marina... Stunning!!! Then went down to Pacific Beach and took a stroll on the pier and happened to see some dolphins playing in the ocean, I'd like to think Kirsty would be impressed with that shot !!
Then we poodled on down to La Jolla and saw this little scene in one of the coves
Yes it's loads (I couldn't get them all in the shot) of seals just soaking up the sun, and if you wanted to go swim with them you could they just advised you to be careful... You don't say LOL
We spent the rest of the afternoon having a bit of retail therapy.... Now I know a post from the States is not complete without a shot of food.... And what was the first restaurant we visited.... Yep, you got it.... The Cheescake Factory, I'm not that bothered about their cheesecake, but I LOVE their mains, and here is one of my favs. It's…


Well, I've just done the Newsletter for January, with quite a few bits in it, if you didn't get to see it you can check it out HERE
Here's a little sneak of one of the wedding card designs i've done for the QVC show on the the 15th February
We've got so much to show you and it's going to be great to buy all your bulk stash at fab prices !!!
I'm off to the States in a couple of days to see what delights CHA are going to present us with, I've been looking at a few of the sneaks and OH BOY !!!! start saving peeps !!!
Don't forget our Famous Table Top SALE takes place on Sunday 29th January at 10am, you're not going to want to miss this ;)
Anyhoo's just a quickie as I have to pack !!! But I will post pics of lusciousness from CHA
Oooh nearly forgot to say ALL crimbo stash in the shop is at 30% OFF
Marion xx

AND THE WINNERS ARE..............

Last week we held a "Share and Like" giveaway on our FACEBOOK PAGE and the lucky winners are ...... Linda O'Conner, Alison Waller and Faye Pleydell..... Congrats Ladies.... Here's what they won.. :) :) :)
Why don't you go over and "Like" us you never know when the next giveaway is :) :)
Marion xxx


As its the start of a new year.... I've decided to do a giveaway...YAY !!!
All you have to do is "Like" our FACEBOOK can find it here...
But that's not all... If you "SHARE" it on your page then you're in with a second chance of winning...can't be bad !!!
We'll be announcing the winners on Tuesday 10th January ... Keep your fingers crossed
Marion xxx


Well first off, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year... And here we are in 2012.... The years are flying by !!!!
The shop doesn't open till Friday 6th January, but that doesn't mean I've been sitting at home doing nothing... OH NO!!! I was on QVC on the 28th December, that was a full on day... Lots of fun and sell outs... Talking of QVC I'm back on on the 4th January at 1pm for a 2 hour outlet show... There's some great kits and fabbi bargains, so join me if you can....and don't forget to join Amy on Thursday and Kirsty on Friday...Lots more bargains to be had !!!
We're preparing for our MEGA table top sale day on Sunday 29th January at 10am... There's nothing over £6.00, this ones going to be bigger and better than our previous one and that was AMAZING !!!!
So whilst you're rummaging for a bargain I'll be working hard out in the States finding lots more goodies for the shop... So many exciting things ahead !!!
Right, must paint my…