Friday, 29 November 2013


I'm so excited to announce that I'm going to be on the Jones Craft Design Team, with some fabulous creative ladies out there, hope I don't let them down,. they're pretty darn good….. you can follow them here:-
Clare Charvill :
Hels Sheridan :
Lorraine Brown Robertson :
Pauline Wheeler : 
Sandra Carey :
Not only are these ladies fab, but the products Jone's supply are some of the top names out there….. Marion Smith Designs, Kaisercraft, Graphic 45, Ruby Rocket, Jillibean Soup, KI Memories….ohhh just a few, the things we can do :) :) :)
You can follow Jones Crafts on Facebook HERE, so you don't miss out on anything :) :)
Happy days ahead…
Marion xxx

Wednesday, 27 November 2013


You just LOVE/WANT/NEED/Have to have....... Oh I think you do.... Well, I just had to have this die.....
3" x 4" Mini Dot

And this....

And then I coupled them with one of on the website....toot toot !!!
Vintage Diamontes

And created this......

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Friday, 22 November 2013


Why ???? Because we love you :) :)

This one's using one of our fabbi little products... Pop a gift card inside, or fill it with candy it can even hold that special piece of jewellery, it's great to pop on the Christmas tree or why not make 12 of them and do the 12 days of Christmas. Oh the ideas....they just keep coming

So what are you waiting it and ENJOY

Marion xxx

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Thursday, 21 November 2013


Our NEW stash ????
Had a fabbi delivery whilst I was on my travels, and the girls have been brill at getting it all out, there's still more to put out, but oh boy there's some yummy makes me smile !!!

Yes, I gave in and got Project Life, I'm just working on some so I can give you an idea of how I'm going to do it. Well I have to scrap my surprise trip don't i !!!

These Tonic dies are rather lush !!

Oh do it for me every time (inserts smile)

And just look at these super cool stencils, they're just crying out for Sparkle Medium...I mean, who can resist a pair of sparkly specks !!

It's official....Christmas has arrived at Sugar and Spice, we have some great little gifts on the table, or you can request your own, we're happy to bag it and tag it for you :) :) just tell us what you want, your wish is our command.... Talking of wishes........ Have you seen we now have a wish list button on our website.... You can check it out HERE
See you soon, now go make some wishes.
Marion xxx

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Wednesday, 20 November 2013


We're back !!!!!! But not before I share with you our last day and show you the other side of Vegas...

It's not all bright lights, cocktail waitresses and machines that go chink chink......but I still love it !!!!!
On the drive back to LA, we stopped off at Peggy Sue's diner for breakfast and even though the place was a wee bit tacky, I have to say it was the best breakfast I'd had all week :) :)

I did a little driving, but couldn't stop laughing so had to pull up and let Rick take over...It probably didn't help that I was veering over onto the hard shoulder, which in Calico was a dirt my dust LOL !!

And to finish the trip off we went to the Garment District (another favourite of mine, I have a lot of favourite places in the states) but not before we saw another side of LA...

The Garment District is truly an Aladdin's cave of tack and treasures, I, of course picked the treasures LOL !!! So pop in the shop some time soon and see my finds :) :)
Well, I hope you've enjoyed coming on my little journey, hope I didn't make you too hungry :), now I have to stay awake as it's back in the shop tomorrow and normality.
Marion xxx
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Tuesday, 19 November 2013


Yesterday was our last full day :( :( :(
When we were out here in January we were lucky enough to meet up with one of our very special friends Jerry, and he treated us to dinner at Fogo de Chao. It's a Brazillian steakhouse that is just AMAZING...the service is impeccable, they make you feel so special and the salad bar is to die for.
The Gaucho's come round with different cuts of steak, there's also chicken, lamb, pork and sausages. But mainly you're there for the steak... NOT FOR VEGETARIANS !!! LOL they carve the steak at your table, all you have to choose is well done, medium or rare :)

They constantly reload your table with polenta, sweet glazed bananas (apparently they cleanse your palette between meats) and creamy yummy mashed potato.
We saved just a little room for dessert and went for the Brazillian Flan, on their recommendation .... And oh boy it was amazing, they knew we were there for a celebration and bless them, they decorated the plate :) :)

It didn't last long....

After that, we felt a wee bit bloated LOL, so went on a little journey to another favourite store....HomeGoods....oh mum you're going to love me so much when you see what we got you :) :)

We're driving back down to LA this morning and nipping into the Garment District to see if I can get some yummy bits :) :)
Nearly home...hope the sun's shinning !!!
Marion xxxx
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Monday, 18 November 2013


Yesterday we went on a road trip and ventured out to the Ethel M Chocolate Factory, sorry Ethel, as nice as they were, it wasn't Galaxy !!!! Next to the factory they had a cactus garden.....of course, why wouldn't you :) :) it was all being set up for Christmas and so all the cacti were wrapped in lights !
I had a go at being Santa..

I had the belly alright, but I'm working on the beard !!!
One thing you don't want to do is trip and fall into the cacti....jeez, they're spiteful...

After our arduous walk around the garden we treated ourselves to some rather delicious ice cream, I wanted Strawberry Cheesecake and Ricky wanted Rainbow Sherbet..... So we shared. I must say it was DELICIOUS !!!

Next we needed lunch, ok so we'd had dessert first, but we're on holiday so who cares !!! If any of you have been to the States and had an In N Out Burger then you'll know what I mean by TASTY !!! Seriously, these are the best fast food burgers you'll ever taste, they have the most simplistic menu, burger, double burger, cheeseburger and fries and that's it !!!! But it works, it's all cooked fresh right there and we've never been in one that's not busy...

Sorry there's no pic of the burger...I ate that, so you'll have to make do with the salt packet :) :)
We did a little bit more shopping, well I couldn't come home without visiting one of my favourite stores.....

It's at this point that I start to panic and worry how I'm going to get it all back home .... Whoops !!!
When we got back to the hotel that evening we felt a little peckish, so,took ourselves off to one of the restaurants where I had 'just' a chicken sandwich and Ricky had Lemon Chicken... I love that my fries came served in a mini fryer !!!

Ricky's doesn't look as appetizing, but was delicious !!! We had to finish off with a dessert, it would have been rude not to !!
I had lemon meringue and Ricky had Strawberry Shortcake....

All I can say on that is NOM NOM !!!
We then went on to have a little gamble, after all, we are in Vegas..... And I, yes ME...had a Margarita ... Seriously !!!!! Word of warning, the crystallised stuff round the top of the glass is NOT sugar LOL....

We're off to Fogo de Chao... A fabulous Brazillian Steakhouse more foodie pics to come
Marion xx
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Sunday, 17 November 2013


If you've been following this blog for the past 5 days then you'll know I'm now in Vegas.
And what an amazing time we're having, although this is our 8th trip here, you could say we love this place LOL !!! This trip has been a little different as it was all a surprise from my lovely hubby. To top it off we got to go see Rod Stewart live at Caesars Palace , courtesy of my two amazing boys, thank you soooooo much Jamie and Luke.
The following photos are pure PANTS.... Whilst the iPhone 5s takes great close up's, it is so NOT designed for distance apologies for the rubbish pics...

His daughter Ruby came on and sung solo. She was FAB...

Then she did a number with thing I have to say is......he really is an entertainer and he keeps it real, later in the show two of his boys came on stage, they're only 7 and 2 and so cute :) :)
Rick was really getting in to it :) :)

If I'd have known I'd have bought my big boy camera with me, but hey ho, the memories are there in my head forever :)
Only a couple more days left, so I have to make the most of this sunshine, as I hear it's not to brill back home !!
And to finish off..... One little foodie pic, after all, it's not a blog from America without a foodie pic or two...
This one's a couple of mini sugared doughnuts.....Nom Nom !!!!

Marion xxxx
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Saturday, 16 November 2013


Yesterday was a day for shopping, we left the hotel at 11am and returned at 9pm.....poor Ricky !!!
Ricky's mum (the lovely Pam) I do have the BEST MIL in the world.....#justsaying, gave me some money for my upcoming birthday to get myself something, so I treated myself to a purse from Coach, I love the stylish simplicity from this company. AND it was a bargain...over $250 reduced to $85.... Not bad eh !!!
If you ever get to go to Vegas, you have to visit the 'Town Square' it's a lovely outdoor shopping centre, with fabulous shops and we were lucky to be there when they had the Santa parade...Ricky likes the bands LOL.... My boys, if ever they read this, will get that !!!

I got to visit lots of my favourite shops that we NEED in the UK...Bath and Body Works, the Container Store, Coach, Crate and Barrel to name a few...

By the end of the day Rick was feeling like this.....

All in all we had a GOOD day finished off with an In 'N' Out burger, sorry no pic, I was starving LOL...
And now to find room in the cases for this little lot.....

Not sure what's in store's a surprise !!!
Marion xxxx
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Friday, 15 November 2013


Well, after a fond farewell to the lovely Donna we left for the next part of the journey and took the long road to Vegas.....I love this place !!! I have another surprise on Saturday, will fill you in when I know :) :)

As we left Calabasas we saw a car on fire on the other side of the road, I'm pleased to say....

This pic looks quite tame as the smoke was covering the flames, but can you believe, the road stayed open and cars were just driving by !!!
Public transport is NOT big out here, but they do have metro trains and weirdly they run in between the that !!!

Having been to Vegas 8 times now.....told you I loved it, I wasn't disappointed that Ricky had booked us in a hotel off the strip....we're at the red rock resort....and it's gorgeous. Check out this chandelier as you walk into reception...and look it's got a had two actually LOL !!! Yes, they are people sitting in the seats, give you some idea of the size... Kirsty would be killing me for my lack of photographic skills LOL !!

The room is stunning.... Paula Poston it's your colours're sooo down with it :) :)

The bathroom has, well, let's say, LOTS of marble !!!

My starter started off VERY healthy.....

But then it went all down hill from there LOL...I'm not even showing you.
We off to shop today, have a list of things to get...wish us luck !!!!
Marion xxxx
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