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Showing posts from February 5, 2009


Adrienne, Polly and Fab are off for a girlie weekend to SCRAP the days away tomorrow - have a great one girls......EAT lots, DRINK lots and SCRAP lots.... Oh and Polly use this weekend to realise that you won't need THREE bags for our TWO nights away, honest !!!
I'm soooo into Two and a Half Men, it's on Para Comedy (if you can get it) it' s hilarious.
SHAME on GAYNOR.... Cindy and Gaynor came in today to pick up her Birthday pressie a Cricut Expression and went on to tell me about the giant French Fancy Birthday Cake she had, so whilst I couldn't justify buying a giant French Fancy at shopping tonight, I could justify a pack of six. Mmmmm, what is it with ME and CAKES ????
For those of you who fancy a bit of Non-Crafting ME TIME, can I recommend the book A WAG ABROAD by ALISON KERVIN it's V-Funny and very easy on the brain.