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Showing posts from August 1, 2008

BAck to the grind!!!!

Well, I'm back and in the land of the living, actually got over my jet lag really quickly this time.
Have just heard that we should be getting all the NEW KAISER stuff in within the next 7 to 10 days. OMG where is it all going to go. The rest should arrive by the end of August, if not before !!!!
My new STAMPS have arrived and we've been playing with them today. I'll pop a few piccy's on soon, SORRY but I left my camera at the shop.
If anyone out there is watching BIG BROTHER can we all VOTE REX OFF pleeease..... he is sooooo annoying.
For those of you that voted for us in the CRAFT AWARDS last year, THANK YOU (we got runner up).... and HEY..... you can VOTE again, if you think we deserve it.
Ally Pally is sneaking up on us, it comes round so quick, maybe because it's 2 a year, DOH !!! So we're going to be getting lots of yummy samples ready for that.
I can see a really BUSY time ahead this next two months, so if you see any of us sitting in the corner and rocking, j…