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First off, apologies if I'm boring you with all the blog posts...I'm on a bit of a roll at the mo and can't stop making, posting, making, posting !!!! I may as well make the most of it :)
This weekend saw us celebrate Ricky's uncle's 65th birthday, so off we trotted to Great Dunmow via Ford End, got to say if any of you live at Ford End...WOW what a beautiful village !!! to a gathering in the village hall all for the love of Derek, it was great seeing family again, but the funny thing was, there we were with our boys aged 22 and 19 and then there were all these little nippers whizzing around, there's a whole new generation come along. I managed to capture a couple (they were fast) I was trying out some KW photographic tips, but you know, they just wouldn't stay still !!

This little cutie is Jackson, when I asked if I could take his photo he just looked at me as said "NO" LOL!!
and this little one is Sophia...she's ALL lady...and I really want …