Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Wedding time

Hello again, my project ties in with Sam's..... This time of year sees lots of weddings and as I am in the planning stages of my own wedding I thought I would show you how easy it can be to create your own beautiful stationary. Its so exciting to receive a wedding invitation, and if its handmade its more special as its more personal than a shop bought one. You can make a whole range of coordinating stationary for your big day.

Like Sam's friend Irene I want a colour theme to my wedding, I want to see this colour in everything from my bridesmaids dresses to my invites. For this project a have chosen a Jade colour.
I started by making a lovely favour box, I do have a template/instructions for this box and if you would like a copy you can email me on I will be happy to email you back. (Just add FAVOUR BOX to the subject line).I will try and send out emails over the weekend.

Inside the box I have stamped using the Sugar and Spice Clear Wedding Stamps. Each set contains 14 clear stamps perfect for those special day invites.

From this set I used the 'Thank you' and the 'wedding' stamps, I also used the large flower stamp from the Scribble flower set and one of the quotes from the quote set. I used scraps of patterned paper and gems to decorate the inside of the box. You can add embellishments and wording to suit your own taste. The Alphabet stamp set matches the wedding stamps so you use this set to add names to your boxes. I used the Thank you stamp again on a tag for the top of the box. All you have to do then is add your favours! ( I think I will add chocolates to mine )

To match this box I made an invite using the Wedding stamps again. This time I used the 'Wedding' and 'Invitation' stamps. You could change this to make a whole range of stationary, like I have for the menu. This lovely set contains stamps to create 'Save the date' cards, 'evening invites' and 'RSVP' cards so the possibilities are endless!

Again if you would like info on the invites or box feel free to email me

Louise x


We certainly are!!! Monday was a day of running around shopping and a bit of chilling. On our way out we saw a REAL LIVE alligator. Now I know that sounds silly but usually in Florida you only get to see them in a commercial setting, but this one was in a lake near Amandas I had to get a piccy, sorry its not the best quality but there were apparently 3 in there and I couldn't see the other two!!!!

We then moved on to a couple of shopping malls and I got THE MOST GORGEOUS Kenneth Cole handbag at an absolutely knock down price Yay :) !!! We then had one of THE MOST relaxing pedicures I've EVER had they said it would be 35 mins and two hours later we walk out of there completely relaxed....ahhhh
We had dinner in the LoneStar Steak House that evening and had very nice YOUNG man serving us, and for some reason he started to tell us that he was part black italian (even though he was white American)!!! he knew this he said as he had an extra muscle in his thigh....allegedly!!! Now you've got to picture this .... there's me and Amanda at the table with Rosina (who we now call Cortina) who is a gorgeous lady in her 60's and for some reason he asked us if we knew his age....he looks across at me and I say 23, he looks across at Amanda and she says 21 then he looks over at Cortina and she replies "Lover-ly" in a long Suffolk drawl, we cracked up, the poor young man didn't have a clue....bless him. Anyhoos we never did feel his extra thigh muscle.
Tuesday starts at 4.30am, up showered, dressed etc, as we have class starting at 7am. In line we meet Rosemary Merry (Amanda knew her anyway) and she sits next to us in class AND well all I can say is WHAT A LOVELY LADY!!!!

The class was OK a bit of a free for all!!! and now it's 9'0 clock and the show is OPEN...gone are the days when there were crowds trying to get in and whoop de woos in the hallways but hey ho it means more room to walk around and longer to spend with the companies....and YES I've ordered some gorgeous stash and it's not going to be too long in the coming .... Don't worry ladies you'll be able to stroke very soon...
You know you've really made it when you're standing in the dinner queue and Donna Downey comes up and hugs you AND she remembered my about that...what with QVC fame and now Donna's ALL getting a bit too much, LOL!! Also bumped into Becks AND Yes she was wearing heels!!!. The show closes at 5pm so we "nip" out to have pizza before going back to our next class at 7pm...This one was with My Little Shoebox...I've known and supported Helen Chu from the beginning, in fact from the very first time she literally dragged me into her booth and told me to "look at all my lovely stuff" and she just gets better and better her new lines this time are stunning and YES we're getting them ALL (claps hands)!!
We finally get home at around 9.30pm and yes we're ALL BLOODY KNACKERED!!!
I'll let you know how today goes.
Hugs xxxx

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

My first Design Team Creation...

Well i was totally gobsmacked to be chosen for the Sugar and Spice Design Team, but absolutely chuffed to bits, so after our first initial team meeting, with heads buzzing of things to make, i chose to use the Love and laughter stamps to create my very first design.

So here they are - Love and Laughter, they are just totally gorgeous and my head was buzzing with all sorts of ideas. I also used Memento Dew drop ink pads (all items available to buy from Sugar and Spice shop too!)

Using the New Sprout, i stamped out a polka dot background using the small circular stamp and also onto a seperate piece i stamped background and flowers using the Lady bug and Rose bud pads. Stamped lots of flowers out and cut them all out and attached using a metal brad.

I also stamped and cut out the heart words to create a leaf effect on the main flower,

stamped out a sentiment, bit of ribbon across the middle, stamped sentiment and matching flower inside and hey presto! my first design team card! Phew!

Hope you like it? These stamps are just gorgeous to work with and there are so many possibilities to create with them, this is just one of the sets sold, so why not pop along to Sugar and Spice and have a look at all the stamps, im sure you will just have to have them all too?

Monday, 27 July 2009

It doesn't always have to be white

Hi all, with my house in decorating chaos and my scrapbooking supplies here, there and everywhere it was a bit of a struggle trying to find everything I wanted for this project.

My friend Irene is getting married in just over three weeks, and I'm making some of the bits for her (tiara, table plan, place cards etc.) so I wanted to keep her burgundy colour scheme going in the card I've made for their special day.

Using the incredibly versatile Scribble Sentiments for the wording both on the cover and inside, I also added a flourish from Fancy Flourishes and the heart came from the Made with Love and Laughter set. I used a silver ink pad for all the stamping and the edges. Along with some pearlised hearts, silver ribbon, a fantastic Fiskars Threading Water punch and.... ta da! Ok the fanfare might be a teeny bit over the top, but I hope you can see the possibilities with this design. Happy stamping people.

BOB WHO ?????

Bob Evans that's who...thats where we had breakfast yesterday morning ..... and very nice it was too.

And now for the good part.....yesterday was our class with Donna Downey and WOW what a class ...she was bloody brilliant and so so so so NICE!!

It was a VERY messy class, you are gonna LOVE what I bring back and I'm definately getting the products in. I'm still finishing it off, I knew there was NO WAY we would get it done in 5 hours, it was so full on, so I'm having chill time at Amandas and PLAYING!!!
By the way Rosina has VERY MESSY fingers...She is NOT doing an impression of a cat!!!
So after a SUPER DOOPER DAY what better way to finish it off than to go the CHEESECAKE FACTORY Yay!!! Thanks for the Pennies MUM xx

I LUUUUURVE this place, if any of you are coming out here it's at the Mall of Millenia (there's also quite a FEW nice shops) !!!
I had my favorite pasta dish (bit of a creature of habit, I know)! Mmmmmmm....

Last day today to get a few more shopping bits in before we hit the show running.

Saturday, 25 July 2009


OK so off we toddle to the airport, it's an uneventful journey I'm pleased to say, meet Amanda and Rosina and pop over to check-in, the girls had already done their check in, that goes without a hitch and I say my long farewells to Ricky....NO I didn't cry, although I think I saw a tear in his eye!!! LOL.
As we go through customs I beep (well not me exactly, but the machine) so I gets taken aside and she feels every inch of my body and after realising that those bumps and lumps are actually part of me she lets me go, then another person shouts out who does this bag belong to, well obviously it's mine, so that gets a strip search and that's fine and then my shoes are checked, I mean if you're gonna do it, do it properly. We're THROUGH ...... we go check into the Virgin Clubhouse and get served a bacon buttie, fresh orange and pot of tea, my choice, Rosina had smoked salmon!!

I've got to say this was one of the MOST relaxing places to be. Anyhoo's time flies when your stuffing your face...I mean..having fun and it now time to go down to the departure lounge.
As she pops my ticket into the machine it beeps and I'm like "oh don't tell me there's a problem" "not really" she says, "you've been upgraded to UPPER CLASS" Virgins version of first class. "what just me"! I see panic has now set in, as I don't like flying and the thought of sitting on the plane on my own just freaked me out, so there I am asking to see if I can have my seat in Premium back, she thought I was a nutter and said not many people would turn this down!!! Anyhoos after Amanada insisting I take it (She's done it before you see and knew how wonderful it was) I pluck up the courage and take it.....and Oh Boy what an experience, the flight went by so quick, I had a choice of freshly cooked food and the stewards were so attentive.....Oh THIS IS THE LIFE!!!
We get to Amanda's GORGEOUS house, unpack and go out for dinner.....Let the HOLIDAY begin!!!
Next moring I was in charge of breakfast.......Needless to say this happened...PORRIDGE ANYONE ????

We needed a chill out day yesterday, so what better way to chill than go SHOPPING. So off we toddle to the Florida Mall, after having a lovely swim in the pool, we pick up a few yummy bits ( I don't think the guy in the Bath and Bodyworks is going to forget us in a hurry) have a chill out massage in Brookstones, mine was very intense and kept making me giggle!!

and then go into Celebration for dinner. I was on one of my "I want to feel healthy and have a salad" moments. So Chicken Ceasar it is for me and Amanda and Rosina has a very colourful one (can't remember the name)

Needless to say as I had the healthy option I was left with no alternative than to have a dessert, Amanda was very controlled but me and Rosina just dived on in .... Key Lime Pie it was for me and Strawberry Shortcake for Rosina.

And that sums up our first day in Florida. Not sure what we're up to today, but I'm sure it will involve shopping of some kind...woo hoo!!!

Friday, 24 July 2009

Loves me

Although we hadn't planned it that way, the timing couldn't have been better as my next post ties in with Nina's last one, for the next LO I'd like to share was inspired by the 'loves me loves me not' heart stamp from the 'Made with love and laughter' set.

As soon as I saw this stamp the idea for this LO came into my mind, I immediately thought of my fantastic Dad who has always been there for me through thick and thin so I entitled my LO 'Always Loves Me' I thought these photos of my much younger self with my Dad were perfect for this LO theme so I scanned copies of them to use on the LO.

I used several stamps from the 'Made with love and laughter set' starting with the loves me, loves me not heart stamp which I stamped and then cut out so I could wrap it around the flowers.
I then made the title by cutting out the letters using my cricut machine and stamping the smaller heart to use in place of the O. I created some additional texture by stamping over the M and E letter shapes with the flowered heart stamp. To finish I then created a flower embellishment by stamping the shadow heart flower and outline heart flower onto co-ordinating patterned papers.

Thanks for looking,

big smiles, Nic xo

Thursday, 23 July 2009

It started with a shoe.........

OK you are probably wondering where this is going, right?!
Well it really did start with a shoe. I brought these yummy shoes last summer and was immediately inspired by the yummy inner sole.

It was cork but looked like it had been stamped on!! My mind was in a mad creative flow.

So when Marion got some thin cork sheets in the shop some while ago I knew I had to have a go myself.

So I created this layout which is about our trip in February to NEC Birmingham for a trade show, with my fab Scribble Flowers stamps. Stamping onto the cork, I then carefully cut the flowers out. Now the cork is quite delicate so you have to be careful not to tear it when cutting. I finished it off with some bling in the middle .

Now the words on this set of stamps are attached to the flowers but I wanted to use them separately so I just carefully cut them off . Then on one acrylic block I placed the 2 words 'happy' and 'smile' just so I knew they were lined up perfectly.

So what everyday item in your life can inspire you today? Leave a comment and let us know.
Loves and Bugs

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Pots of Sugar and Spice

What can you do with tired old terracotta pots?. Spice them up of course with Sugar and Spice stamps and a couple of pots of acrylic paint.

Other items used: Multi-Purpose Sealer, Opaque White Ink Pen and Modge Podge, Stazon Watermark Ink Pad

Seal both the inside and outside of the pot and allow to dry. Paint the outside and the inside rim of the pot with black paint and allow to dry.

I used the different Flower Stamps from most of the Sugar and Spice sets. There is no need to use a block to mount you stamp as you need it to mould to the shape of the pot.

Using the Stazon Watermark Ink, stamp your chosen flowers on the pot. Fill in the gaps with the smaller flowers. Outline the flowers with your white pen.

Paint the flowers. Pretty them up with patterns to make them funky. Write words around the rim of the pot with your white pen. Seal the pot again inside and out with the Multi-Purpose Sealer. I did use a glitter Modge Podge around the collar of the pot and the tray.

How about this theme? Flutter Bye's..........................I love Flutter Byes.

These are the Funky Flower Stamps turned into Funky Flutter Byes. I just painted four of the petals and added some gems for antennae.

Have a go. The Sugar and Spice team would love to see your take on this.

Jayne x

Sunday, 19 July 2009

A little gift...

Hey there! After the kraft-y cards I made last time, I thought i'd make a mini this time. Mini books are just so quick and easy. This one i've made for my sister who celebrated her 40th birthday recently...

I used scribble sentiments and the wedding invite sets of stamps for this project... I stamped the tiny star over the number '40' using staz on. It's a cute little star and is great for making your own backgrounds with, or stamping over numbers and letters! I stamped on the little box birthday using scribble sentiments. I love this set!! :D

I then stuck the '40' down, slightly over the stamped 'birthday'.

The little box holds a small mini, which is atc size made from chipboard... one side I covered with a photo and the other I journalled on and stamped the cute little cupcake from the scribble sentiments set. For the front cover I also mounted the words 'on your day' which were also from the scribble sentiments set. I think thats why I love this set so much, alot of the words can be stamped together to make a sentence or they can be used alone.

By repeating the design on each page gives uniformity and makes a sweet little gift! I just hope she loves it as much as I loved making it :)
Thanks for looking
Polly x

Thursday, 16 July 2009

It's In The Can...........

Hi everyone, I can't believe how fast the weeks pass. I've had a lot of birthdays this month and that's meant lots of card making and gift wrapping. So with that in mind, todays project is a gift tin.
I have a few of these tins at home and found them perfect for small gifts. I hope this gives you some inspiration to use up some of your scraps of decorative papers and stamps to make a difference to a gift.
I've used a decorative paper for the top part of the tin and a lime green bazzill for the bottom part. Once cut to size I stamped the quotes and flowers on the green bazzill card. The stamps are from Sugar and Spice and called Happy Birthday Flower. I then attached the papers to the tin and hid any joins with some ribbon. I finished the tin off with a tag using the same Happy Birthday Flower stamps, edging it with some fabulous glamour dust - a must for any craft box. I also coloured the lid with alcohol ink to keep the colour flowing through.Bye for now and happy crafting P x