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Showing posts from June 20, 2008


Been really BUSY with PAULA today working on the new TECHNIQUES CLASS, actually what I should have said there was, PAULA's been really busy today working on the TECHNIQUES class and WOW!!! it's looking fantastic.

I'm getting really excited about all the new classes, it's given me a bit of a headache as there is SOOOO many of them, but HEY! that's what you asked for and we listened.

Also getting excited about going out to CHA again, I've never been to the summer one I usually go to the winter one and Memory Trends in Vegas, Hope to be reporting back on all the lovely goodies.

Had a great day out on Monday with Nina and Paula, we spent the day with Lance Anderson from Rusty Pickle and came back with a couple of great mini books. They were really paying attention. Oh! and the food was delicious, even though I didn't get the cheesecake !!!