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I'm guessing it wasn't as eventful as started simple enough, off to Lakeside with She Who Shall Remain Anonymous (SWSRA) up the A127, tried to turn off at the A128 only to find it completely snarled up then on to the M25, again, to find that chocca as well, fortunately SWSRA knew a back route through Upminster, so a little out of the way but kept moving none the less, now I'm going to digress.....I'm sure most of you are aware of such a thing as 6 degrees of separation, well this was more like a catastrophe of events. It all starts with two of our lovely customers, whom again shall remain anonymous! who begged and pleaded and kicked and cried to get on our already fully booked year album course (well actually they both asked very politely with just a little grovelling), us being the gorgeous lovely people that we are said YES, now this meant that I would have to get my lovely hubby to make our work tables longer, as they only seat 10, so off I trots to Ikea…