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But it doesn't look like we're going to get in today.
This is my current view

It's taken me 1.5 hours to go 3 miles. Sorry but I'm turning back to put the kettle on and defrost.
Hope you understand
Marion xx

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For a fabulous couple of days... yeah OK my feet hurt and my eyes are stinging, but I had such a giggle, well... raucous laughter really and now my sides hurt !!! You were an absolute dream to teach and it wasn't all about paper crafting.... thanks to Di, I actually learn't how to turn a satsuma into an elephant !!!!. Here's Di modelling such item... As the picci below shows, you were all taking it very seriously... Here's the mixed media album we made today ... Grab yourself a Punky Sprouts Mixed Media Album...
Add, paper, gorgeous ribbon and glitz...
Stitching, stamping and, oh yeah, a bit more glitz...
a little bit of bunting....
and a whole lotta love... and you've got yourself a stunning little keepsake. Remember girls "what happens in Essex stays in Essex" I promise I won't breath a word of the amount you spent to your hubbies, anyway they don't NEED to know now do they !!! See you next year Big Hugs Marion xxx


well ..... We've been playing with the Eclips from Sizzix and boy do we LOVE it.

The question is do we love it more than the Cricut ? And the answer is a resounding YES!!!
We love the fact that the carts and accessories are much cheaper (always a good thing) and the designs are more on trend.
Anyhoos off to play again. Keep yourself wrapped up in this weather and if you're around on Friday, don't forget it's our Christmas shopping evening. Hope to see you then.
Marion xx

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of teaching such lovely ladies.
Today's our last day of our current beginners course and just take a looksie at these gorgeous little cupcakes complete with GLITTER lovingly made by Vanessa...... Thank you Vanessa

We're getting ready for a busy week ahead of us with more yummy deliveries, also we've got load of papers at just 20p each, yes that's right .... 20p !!! We just need some room so thought we'd be lovely and give you a bargain in the process.
Marion xxx

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as promised, this is for the Belfast girls who visited us on the WOW Embossing stand at the NEC this weekend.
We taught over 250 lovely peeps at the show and had a great time
So here's the picci's of the cards that you wanted.
Sorry they're not cropped but we'd packed the stand away and then I remembered doh !!!

They're not the best shots, but they're there for you girls, hope you had a great journey home and thanks for coming !!
Marion xx
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