Friday, 15 November 2013


Well, after a fond farewell to the lovely Donna we left for the next part of the journey and took the long road to Vegas.....I love this place !!! I have another surprise on Saturday, will fill you in when I know :) :)

As we left Calabasas we saw a car on fire on the other side of the road, I'm pleased to say....

This pic looks quite tame as the smoke was covering the flames, but can you believe, the road stayed open and cars were just driving by !!!
Public transport is NOT big out here, but they do have metro trains and weirdly they run in between the that !!!

Having been to Vegas 8 times now.....told you I loved it, I wasn't disappointed that Ricky had booked us in a hotel off the strip....we're at the red rock resort....and it's gorgeous. Check out this chandelier as you walk into reception...and look it's got a had two actually LOL !!! Yes, they are people sitting in the seats, give you some idea of the size... Kirsty would be killing me for my lack of photographic skills LOL !!

The room is stunning.... Paula Poston it's your colours're sooo down with it :) :)

The bathroom has, well, let's say, LOTS of marble !!!

My starter started off VERY healthy.....

But then it went all down hill from there LOL...I'm not even showing you.
We off to shop today, have a list of things to get...wish us luck !!!!
Marion xxxx
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