Monday, 9 February 2009


Well, I knew the day would come at some time and alas it has come....
NO I'm not giving up the shop, SILLY..... But, I do have to say goodbye to my trusty old pyjamas (I'm typing this with a tear in my eye) I've had these Jammies for near on 15 years and whilst they were not used on a regular basis, they were always there for me on my trips aways. One person who will understand this is ADRIENNE as she has a pair virtually the same and the same age, all I will say Adrienne is careful when you roll over as you may hear a sudden ripping sound and.....oooops there they go!!!
I have to whizz out and buy a new pair now as I'm away with the girls next week and well..... I just would'nt do that to them!!!!
I haven't heard from any of them, so I'm assuming the three weekenders got back OK and had a great time inbetween.
Amanada (Your Touch of Craft) has FINALLY blogged...YAY!! check her out over on my Blogs I Love, for those of you that live in gorgeous Suffolk take a look at her classes and treat yourself.