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Well we arrived in La La Land to some gorgeous weather... Sorry to mention that !!!
So took the advantage and nipped off down to San Diego, although we only got as far as La Jolla (if anyone saw Housewives of Orange County, you'll know it), we shopped, we ate, we strolled on the beach..... Ahhhh this is the life !!!
But we didn't come here for that....CHA is what we're here for.....and the buying has begun..... Here's a few sneaks of what's on it's way

There's some great themed papers this year, and interestingly SO MANY rubber stamps compared to clear stamps.
I know the girls are going to moan at this.....only because they're going to say "where we going to put them" !!! But I've found a new ribbon company....and oh my the sheers are amazing...I'm seeing so many handmade flowers...move over Prima !!! Don't worry I'll do a tutorial on them.
So far I've seen some nice itty bitty products but nothing to make you go BOOM!!!
We h…

Mmmmm....Yummy stuff

There I was just about to leave, when a delivery arrived and well..... I just had to open it, even though I'm the one who does all the ordering, I sometimes forget just what I've ordered....
So I quickly opened the rather large box and got all excited as I HAD FORGOTTEN what I'd ordered...LOL !!!

Here's a quick little peek, but I would have thought they would be priced and put out by the end of the day.
Now I should really be packing for California, but here I am eating giant chocolate buttons and blogging...hey ho it's all about priorities !!!
I'll be thinking of you all while I'm stroking yummy papers and catching a few rays.
I'm taking my super duper iPad and ever ready camera, so I'll keep you updated with all the yumminess.
Love and hugs
Marion xx

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I got told off by one of my lovely customers the other day for not shouting out that I'm back on QVC... So here goes....


How's that Sam??? LOL

I'm not going to say I've worked like crazy this past week, but that, WE'VE worked like crazy, so with thanks to Nina, Barb, Anne and Julia ... You've done me proud girls.

I've got some great products.....lots of stamps, including ones from Paula Pascual and Little Musings, both of these are and were wonderful to work with. A lot of the samples have previously been made by Dawn's team, but we've managed to get some of our own style in there, which is a good thing .... So many possibilities !!!

So here's a little sneak of what you'll be able to see...

There's going to be cupcakes, and robots and flowers and ribbons....oh the ribbons.... Along with Promarkers and Brilliance inks....
Anyhoo's hopefully you'll be able to join me, if not, pop it on record a…


I've been asked back on QVC..... Toot toot !!!

I'm on on Friday 21st January at 4pm.... A bit quick after the last one I know, and the down side to that, is that I won't have prepped a lot of the stuff, fortunately, Dawn's team have.

I have got some new lines to play with and I will try my best to put my slant on some of the previous products..... There's some really yummy things in the line up, including stamps by Paula Pascual (I love her designs) !!!!

I'm not receiving anything till Friday :( :( so I'm going to have to work like the clappers to bring you some inspo, so I hope I don't disappoint !!!

We're in the process of just finishing off our new website..... With MASSIVE thanks to the gorgeous Kirsty Wiseman, check her out HERE who's been our techie guru, and then if that wasn't enough, the wonderful (don't know if she's gorgeous, I haven't seen a picci of her) LOL !!! Nikky Hall, has given our blog a little makeover, you can…


I've managed to take a heap load of piccis today, I've tried to keep them in the sets they were shown in, but I may have made a few boobs....sorry !!!

These were from the American Crafts Stamps

These were from the American Crafts kits, heatwave and botanique

This is from the Kaisercraft Up, Up and Away kit

Ideas using the Greetings Stamps (Marion Emberson Designs) ooo, get me !!!

These are using the cards and envelops, don't forget to make mini albums from your envelopes.

A few from the background stamps set (Marion Emberson Designs), remember to stamp on ribbon and buttons and plain card stock and especially flowers, polka dot them up !!!

From the EK Success punches leaves.

From the E K Success punches hearts

From the Birthdays Stamps (Marion Emberson Designs)

A couple of random layouts using the Zva bling

And Last but not least a few randoms that I forgot to put in the above, if I get time I'm going to try and do a You Tube on the ribbon techniques, as requested :) :), also I …


Once again many thanks for all your support, you have been truly amazing...THANK YOU.

Many of you have contacted me saying that you were disappointed that you couldn't see all the samples, so, I'm going to try my best and get them on here.

Each day I'll add some more. Today I'll start with the Lush range (I loved this), just click on the picci so see it larger..... enjoy...

Forgot to add these two lovely layouts Sorry they're round the wrong way, but you get the idea lol !!!

Marion xx
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AND ......... Relax

Now what was all the worrying about ???? I can breathe a sigh of relief.... It's all over.

I haven't had time to watch it back, I'm still here !!!

Whilst it's such a relief for it to be over, it was absolutely brilliant, apart from the mistakes, but then again it wouldn't be me without mistakes LOL !!!

Massive thanks to the lovely Catherine, she was absolutely amazing and sooooo lovely...THANK YOU CATHERINE

I'm going to try my hardest to get a load of the samples uploaded on here tomorrow, bear with me....

And now to say a great big thank you to YOU, for all the support, the texts (I've never had so many in one day, I still haven't answered them all) and the messages, you really are wonderfully supportive...THANK YOU

Going to start the drive home now and go to bed....I'm sooooo tired !!!

Night night

Marion xxx
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Well that's what I'll be able to say in a couple of days time....

You see, I've been very fortunate to be accepted as a guest craft presenter on QVC. Seriously though, even as I'm typing this the butterflies are whizzing around in my stomach, now if it was recorded, that wouldn't be so bad, but it's not, it's LIVE!!!

I am excited though, as I've got some great stuff to show you, there's some brilliant kits and yummy stamps, including some brand new ones from me...woo hoo !!! AND...wait for it ..... The Teresa Collins Stampmaker....oh my, this is so cool, I think I'm going to have to do a Blue Peter moment on it though, as time is so limited.

Here's a sneak of a cute little tag made, using a couple of the stamps I made earlier... Yes I made the stamps in about 5 minutes in my dinning room... How cool is that !!!

I've spent the last two/three weeks making, making, making, honestly, I've never made so much in my life...and the state of my h…