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Yes, I'm still going ahead with it..... I'm really looking forward to it, should be fun.
I've been having a little play with it today and realised that I'd forgotten a couple of things to tell you.
You can check out the post below to get the majority of the details, but i forgot to say that once you've registered, just go to the search bar, near the top, and type in sugarandspicecrafts and then you'll be on my channel.
Also, if you wanted to join in the card making with me I've done a list of materials, again in the post below, but I forgot to say that you'll also
Need a piece of plain card stock, I've chose mine to match my card blank.
Just to explain Ustream in brief, it's a bit like me doing a You Tube video, but it's LIVE !!! AND..... If you sign in you can chat to me via typing
You're message/comment, I get to read them and answer live, be aware that anyone else in the "chat room " can read your message !!!

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