Monday, 7 October 2013


Talk about blink and you've missed it !!!!

This time last week I was in Texas.... Seriously !!! We (that's me and WOW) flew out on the Friday and was back by Tuesday. crazy isn't it !!!

But, oh boy did we have fun !!!
We taught some amazing ladies and one gent.... Hi Keith !!!! Showed them all the lovely NEW product  that WOW has to offer, shared our lovely English chocolate with them and basically made a sparkly mess. 
Here's a few pics of the event...

 We did 2 classes..... and had to sign some autographs. Richard thought that was hilarious....until we got hime to do one !!
We had a FAB night of make and takes
 Including a MAHOOSIVE table of yummy cakes !!!

 All in all it was a great event..... Thank you for having us Texas !!!!
Since I've been back I've been busy. busy, busy.... working on new projects, I'm also getting ready to go to the NEC in November where I'll be teaching for WOW!, don't forget to get there early to book your place, you know how fast they go....

But to whet your appetite I've done a Video, so sit back, relax and enjoy !!!
It shows the fabulous NEW Vintage Colours that are available NOW....check them out HERE
Marion xxx