Friday, 20 July 2012


Well, in a few hours we'll be up in the air on route to London :( :) sort of happy/sad !!!
Why is it that even though we're panicking as our suitcases are full to the brim and rather heavy I might add, that we still whizz into the mall to pick up a few 'last minute bits'. Hope the Virgin ladies are in a happy mood :) :)
Anyhoo's, we had to make one last trip to the Cheesecake Factory, well it would be rude not to!!!
I had my favourite sandwich there, (chicken salad, but this is no ordinary chicken salad) They call it a sandwich but it fills you up like a three course meal !! To wash it down I had a rather yummy raspberry lemonade drink. I couldn't eat all my sandwich so I wasn't allowed a cheesecake, but Rick let me have a spoonful of his Red Velvet Cheesecake.. I probably couldn't eat all my sandwich as I pigged out beforehand on the gorgeous malt bread... Oh my it's delish.
So with bellies full we will make haste to the airport and pray for sunshine on our return (we've gotten a bit used to it over here)
Marion xxx