Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Well .... That's the first day of the show over :( :(
Whilst it's quite a small show, there's some fabbi product out there and we've got it coming to YOU!!!
I'm really excited about bringing you the TRENDS series of magazines, well, I say magazines quite loosely, really they're books and in my opinion probably the BEST books the U.S has to offer... #excited !!!

We're going to have them at a great price and if you subscribe you're going to get an even BETTER price...oh I can't wait for these to arrive!!
Here's a few little snippets of show inspiration .... Just for you :)

MME go pinwheel crazy...

Maya Road shows their creativity on a life size dress form...

Jilli Bean Soup's booth.... So much yumminess...

A few simple cards from JBS ... Love it !!!

Zipper flowers... All the rage, I've taken a video of this being made, I'll try and upload it later, it's not playing ball at the mo :(

Oh come on ..... I couldn't NOT show some cupcakes !!!
Well it 5am here ... I know, I can't sleep, nothing new there !!! And I need to write my lists for today's orders.
Oh yeah... And it's really HOT here, it's well into the 90's and the heat index today is going to be 120 degrees .... So glad to be inside !!!
See you soon
Marion xx
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Christine said...

Trends - yeah!! Can't wait!

morris.jacqueline said...

Love those button cupcakes!

morris.jacqueline said...

love those button cupcakes

NickyinHove said...

Def the JBS kraft ones - just my thing - roll on your return with loads of stuff and photos