Sunday, 26 May 2013


So, after the most sumptuous meal on the Saturday evening....Mmmm I can still taste it, Sunday dawned.
After a rather tasty and filling breakfast (it was all about the food of course) we got cracking on our third project.

This was All About embossing techniques...such fun !!!!
Here's our little Dawny showing off the ring she made....

Now, we know our customers very well, mainly because they've stayed loyal to us for so many years...we are blessed !!!
So....hands up who're received the "most improved embosser" reward.....

Yep it's our lovely Vanessa, what this girl doesn't know about embossing now is no ones business :) :)
Here's our lovely Lisa showing off her wonderful only took her a weekend to grow !!!

Here's some of the girls collecting their prizes.....lucky ladies :) :)

Big thanks to our lovely friends at Premium Art Brands, Imagination Crafts, QVC and Artemio for donating some FAB prizes.

We asked everyone to make a name badge and throughout the weekend they were judged by each other. We had a prize for the best one.....but, seeing as how amazing everyone's were, there was a tie break... So Alison and Claire got a prize each :) :)

So after a rather yummy Sunday roast, we continued the afternoon with Cardmaking, they made 4 fabulous cards designed by our lovely Nina.
AND was home time ....ohhhh the tears !!!!
We had THE MOST AMAZING weekend and we know our girls did also. Thank you ladies you made it so special. We love you :) :)
But, you know I couldn't have done it without the help from Nina and Paula, so to thank them for all their hard work I took them to Henlow Grange for a day of pampering. We all so deserved it :) another two amazing people to thank are Ricky and Skip for all their help. But they went to work the next day :)

But, it doesn't end when we got into work on Tuesday we were greeted with three beautiful boxes of chocolates and flowers, all from our lovely retreatees. THANK YOU


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