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Seriously, less than a week ago I was getting ready to set up for Ally Pally and since then I've been over to Ohio and while I am still awake, I thought I'd do a quick blogpost :) :)
So.. Ally Pally..what a fab many wonderful people and so many returning customers....we really appreciate it, thanks guys :)

Still setting up...but nearly there !!
One thing we enjoy about going to the Pally is our stay over on the Saturday night, we usually go to a lovely little Italian restaurant, but this time it was full so we ventured out and found another little Italian restaurant it was absolutely gorgeous.
Here's Polly giggling at something I couldn't possibly explain on here !!! ;)

I love this photo :)
So, with the Pally all done and dusted the very next morning I set off to Heathrow airport to make my long journey to Ohio with Richard from WOW embossing powders, to do some tutorial filming for their launch in the USA, we had a great flight, nearly missed our conne…