Wednesday, 20 November 2013


We're back !!!!!! But not before I share with you our last day and show you the other side of Vegas...

It's not all bright lights, cocktail waitresses and machines that go chink chink......but I still love it !!!!!
On the drive back to LA, we stopped off at Peggy Sue's diner for breakfast and even though the place was a wee bit tacky, I have to say it was the best breakfast I'd had all week :) :)

I did a little driving, but couldn't stop laughing so had to pull up and let Rick take over...It probably didn't help that I was veering over onto the hard shoulder, which in Calico was a dirt my dust LOL !!

And to finish the trip off we went to the Garment District (another favourite of mine, I have a lot of favourite places in the states) but not before we saw another side of LA...

The Garment District is truly an Aladdin's cave of tack and treasures, I, of course picked the treasures LOL !!! So pop in the shop some time soon and see my finds :) :)
Well, I hope you've enjoyed coming on my little journey, hope I didn't make you too hungry :), now I have to stay awake as it's back in the shop tomorrow and normality.
Marion xxx
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