Sunday, 13 July 2008

THE Pyjama Crop

OK here they are ...... the piccy's from last nights Pyjama Crop.

What a great night we had.

Thanks to Lisa and Loretta for the great music (hey girls it's still playing now) !!!!

Thanks to everyone who popped on their PJ's. I think you'll agree that it was an excellent night AND you managed to get work done. A pat on the back for you all.

Lastly, another WELL DONE for the challenge, you ALL done so well and CONGRATULATIONS to Claire on winning!!!!!!


fabiana said...

thankyou for a fantastic eveing!!!
it was great fun, the music was brilliant (sorry about my singing !!)

i havent had so much fun in my nighty in ages!!

scrapping said...

I haven't stopped larfing and am still swaying to the music! thankyou for a great night with great company but unfortunately I am now going to have to adopt a disguise having seen the photos !!!

Heli said...

Loving the photos!!! Loved the nighties!!!
THANKS for a FAB, FUN and FUNKY night out!!
Enjoyed it - when's the next one?!!!

Enjoy your trip...