Saturday, 19 July 2008

A few little piccy's for you

Hi all,

Well we're back at the hotel (via ARCHIVERS, well I had too didn't I ?), back, legs, knees and feet are ACHING!!!!!
But as promised I've a few little pics for you.
Can you believe the one of Ricky, I actually caught him stroking some rather lush flock papers, so now it's official HE'S A STROKER..........
Seen some really lovely stuff, have ordered some rather gorgeous ribbons and am now going to go through and get the orders ready for tomorrow.
ENJOY !!!!

I'll tease you with just these for now, but tomorrow they'll be MORE.......


Nina said...

I am sitting here crying at the picture of Ricky stroking the paper!!! Hope you are having a good time. x x x x

fabiana said...

ooo it all looks lush!!

i love the paper in the first pic!, no, i love it all!!!

and Ricky, we know your game! only a week after seeing Marion in her PJ crop outfit you are pretending to stroke papers to be allowed to come and join in!!!! Mind you, she did look totally stunning!!!

have a fantastic time xxx

MARION said...

Thanks girls.

we are having fun.

hope your clss goes well today nina


Nina said...

Class went super yesterday! Not the same without you there though :( Did wear my shorts though ..... NOT!!!!! Ha ha