Wednesday, 23 July 2008


It started off really sunny and then just as we were about to go out the door it became overcast, made our way to downtown Chicago and went to NAVY PIER.
We were recommended to take the architectual tour or as I would call it the boredom tour, basically it's a boat ride that takes you through a part of the city looking at the buildings, ZZzzzz, ZZzzzz oops sorry I must having dropped off again, BUT it was a good excuse to sit and close my eyes and have a breeze blow on me, By the way by this time the sun has come out in FULL. Check out this piccy, you can even tell the necklace I was wearing, needless to say I'll be putting sun lotion on today.

We then went on to see Soldier Field the home of the CHICAGO BEARS (very impressive) and then to Wrigley Field the home of the CHICAGO CUBS (in case there's any men reading this)

Back homewards bounds (hotel) and to do a bit more shopping, Jane if you're reading this, I think I got you mag today. then obviously we needed some food, I should have bought eleasticated trousers with me. we went to the CHEESECAKE FACTORY and I had the best pizza EVER, Chicken with Pine Nuts, it was amazing, ricky had a lovely pasta dish followed by STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE for ricky and RASPBERRY & LEMON CHEESECAKE for me.

THANKS MUM, this one was on you. xxxxx

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