Tuesday, 22 July 2008


Well when I looked out of the window it looked a bit overcast and drizzly, so I convinced Ricky that we REALLY should go SHOPPING.

So off we went to Gurnee Mills, THANKS (VICKY, CAPTURE THE MAGIC) got some bits, bobs and bargains there, oh and had some JAMBA JUICE, also recommnded by Vicky.

From there we went to Michaels ( a bit like Hobby Craft) a SUPER TARGET and........ a HOBBY LOBBY. in all the years I've been coming to the US and all the States I've visited, approx 14 I've never found a HOBBY LOBBY, so I was well chuffed. again, thanks Vicky.
So we park the car and get a photo (see below) I have to hold myself back from running for two reasons really, one this body was not designed to run and two I needed to keep a bit of dignity if only for Ricky's sake. Get to the door and..... NO it wasn't closed, I know of you were thinking that ! BUT we only had 30 minutes before it did close !!!!! Managed to get a book for MAGGIE and not much else really, but HEY HO at least I've been now.

Weather looks really nice today so we're driving to Lake Michigan and we'll see where we end up from there.
I'll keep you posted........

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Heli said...

Hope you are having a fun time?

Hobby Lobby sounds fun... pity its not 24 hrs!!

Hope Lake Michigan was great...

End of term today... YEH!!!!!!!!Got some lovely hand made cards from the girls you taught!!!

Enjoy the end of your stay.