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OK so off we toddle to the airport, it's an uneventful journey I'm pleased to say, meet Amanda and Rosina and pop over to check-in, the girls had already done their check in, that goes without a hitch and I say my long farewells to Ricky....NO I didn't cry, although I think I saw a tear in his eye!!! LOL.
As we go through customs I beep (well not me exactly, but the machine) so I gets taken aside and she feels every inch of my body and after realising that those bumps and lumps are actually part of me she lets me go, then another person shouts out who does this bag belong to, well obviously it's mine, so that gets a strip search and that's fine and then my shoes are checked, I mean if you're gonna do it, do it properly. We're THROUGH ...... we go check into the Virgin Clubhouse and get served a bacon buttie, fresh orange and pot of tea, my choice, Rosina had smoked salmon!!

I've got to say this was one of the MOST relaxing places to be. Anyhoo's time flies when your stuffing your face...I mean..having fun and it now time to go down to the departure lounge.
As she pops my ticket into the machine it beeps and I'm like "oh don't tell me there's a problem" "not really" she says, "you've been upgraded to UPPER CLASS" Virgins version of first class. "what just me"! I see panic has now set in, as I don't like flying and the thought of sitting on the plane on my own just freaked me out, so there I am asking to see if I can have my seat in Premium back, she thought I was a nutter and said not many people would turn this down!!! Anyhoos after Amanada insisting I take it (She's done it before you see and knew how wonderful it was) I pluck up the courage and take it.....and Oh Boy what an experience, the flight went by so quick, I had a choice of freshly cooked food and the stewards were so attentive.....Oh THIS IS THE LIFE!!!
We get to Amanda's GORGEOUS house, unpack and go out for dinner.....Let the HOLIDAY begin!!!
Next moring I was in charge of breakfast.......Needless to say this happened...PORRIDGE ANYONE ????

We needed a chill out day yesterday, so what better way to chill than go SHOPPING. So off we toddle to the Florida Mall, after having a lovely swim in the pool, we pick up a few yummy bits ( I don't think the guy in the Bath and Bodyworks is going to forget us in a hurry) have a chill out massage in Brookstones, mine was very intense and kept making me giggle!!

and then go into Celebration for dinner. I was on one of my "I want to feel healthy and have a salad" moments. So Chicken Ceasar it is for me and Amanda and Rosina has a very colourful one (can't remember the name)

Needless to say as I had the healthy option I was left with no alternative than to have a dessert, Amanda was very controlled but me and Rosina just dived on in .... Key Lime Pie it was for me and Strawberry Shortcake for Rosina.

And that sums up our first day in Florida. Not sure what we're up to today, but I'm sure it will involve shopping of some kind...woo hoo!!!


  1. well what can i say first class and keylime pie - it just isn't fair!!!!!
    jayne & 1 are in suffolk complete with the contents of your entire shop....
    by the way did u say that was porridge or something extraterrestrial!

  2. hi marion did you say that was porridge or was it something extra terrestrial.
    by the way jayne and i are in suffolk complete with the contents of your shop - yes we are scrapping in Blaxhall.
    i am envious i have never been upgraded....and you got key lime pie...

  3. Hi Marion, glad you are having a good time.

  4. So Marion... there i was suitcase in hand... what happened? you forget to pick me up! lol
    said id come with you to keep ya company on the plane! and obviously go one spending spress with you.. i dunno! what ya like?
    Have fun... dont forget me stick of rock ;-)

  5. Marion. You know I am a must have. I was looking for that bowl of "stuff" you mad in the micro wave in the shop and they said something about no that was her cooking. I'd started designing a page with it.......


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