Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Pots of Sugar and Spice

What can you do with tired old terracotta pots?. Spice them up of course with Sugar and Spice stamps and a couple of pots of acrylic paint.

Other items used: Multi-Purpose Sealer, Opaque White Ink Pen and Modge Podge, Stazon Watermark Ink Pad

Seal both the inside and outside of the pot and allow to dry. Paint the outside and the inside rim of the pot with black paint and allow to dry.

I used the different Flower Stamps from most of the Sugar and Spice sets. There is no need to use a block to mount you stamp as you need it to mould to the shape of the pot.

Using the Stazon Watermark Ink, stamp your chosen flowers on the pot. Fill in the gaps with the smaller flowers. Outline the flowers with your white pen.

Paint the flowers. Pretty them up with patterns to make them funky. Write words around the rim of the pot with your white pen. Seal the pot again inside and out with the Multi-Purpose Sealer. I did use a glitter Modge Podge around the collar of the pot and the tray.

How about this theme? Flutter Bye's..........................I love Flutter Byes.

These are the Funky Flower Stamps turned into Funky Flutter Byes. I just painted four of the petals and added some gems for antennae.

Have a go. The Sugar and Spice team would love to see your take on this.

Jayne x


Nicki said...

WOW Jayne, these are brill! theyre so cute! love em

Samantha Maddin said...

Georgeous and inspiring. How fantastic are they?

dagbird2001 said...

wow jayne, these are fab and such a good idea. the flutter by one is my fav though :)

MARION said...

These are brill Jayne, I especially LOVE the butterfly one...would I be wrong in seeing a class coming on!!!!

Nic said...

WOW Jayne - how creative! Both are absolutely fantastic but especially love the flutterby pot :)

Nina said...

Well done Jayne, you should sell them!

Fairyqueen said...

These are so lovely, would love one of those on my desk!
Louise x

Paula P said...

How different can a flower pot be, really great and I love the way you changed the flower stamp to a butterfly x

Polly said...

this is just soooooo amazing! I love it :) Fancy coming and decorating the pots in our garden??