Monday, 27 July 2009

BOB WHO ?????

Bob Evans that's who...thats where we had breakfast yesterday morning ..... and very nice it was too.

And now for the good part.....yesterday was our class with Donna Downey and WOW what a class ...she was bloody brilliant and so so so so NICE!!

It was a VERY messy class, you are gonna LOVE what I bring back and I'm definately getting the products in. I'm still finishing it off, I knew there was NO WAY we would get it done in 5 hours, it was so full on, so I'm having chill time at Amandas and PLAYING!!!
By the way Rosina has VERY MESSY fingers...She is NOT doing an impression of a cat!!!
So after a SUPER DOOPER DAY what better way to finish it off than to go the CHEESECAKE FACTORY Yay!!! Thanks for the Pennies MUM xx

I LUUUUURVE this place, if any of you are coming out here it's at the Mall of Millenia (there's also quite a FEW nice shops) !!!
I had my favorite pasta dish (bit of a creature of habit, I know)! Mmmmmmm....

Last day today to get a few more shopping bits in before we hit the show running.


Paula Pascual said...

Looks like you are having a great time, I should had gone with you!!!!
Take care

Nicki said...

sooooo envious! and cant wait to see what you bring back... and what goodies you gonna get in too!
look forward to more about ya trip!
take care

Jayne said...

Hope the bag is big enough Marion for all the stuff you bring back. I'm only in Blaxall and I've exceeded my allowance. LOL x