Wednesday, 25 January 2017

CHA - The pictures

It always seems a bit surreal when you're back home from a show, as the days you're out there go SO fast, you really don't have time to think, it's crazy !!!
And CHA, or if I'm being correct, Creativation, was no exception. From the minute we got on the stand at 9am you're there till 6pm, sometimes later if you're still talking to customers and the only chance you get to 'wander' is when you need the loo !!!
So my shots are of stands on route to said loo !!! With the exception of Prima, where I managed to whizz over on the last day and meet my lovely friend Michelle who works for them and we exchanged some goodies.

My Minds Eye went pin wheel crazy...but not complaining, just look at those colours and designs, lots of stationery rolls !!

Fab Scraps had these mannequins all over their booth, showing their fabulous ranges !!

WRMK have gone all out on the sewing, just look at those pastel sewing machines, even if you couldn't sew, you'd just want one in your room, right !!!
Always got to have a bit of Heidi love !!!
Without sounding rude, I'm not familiar with these guys, but their stand 
looked so pretty in real life.

Soft crafts seem to be the order of the day, my photos don't do this justice, the colours were amazing, trust me :).
And here's our lovely neighbours...Bo Bunny, just love these guys they really are the best neighbours to have at a show, constant smiles and hugs, you can't ask for more than that !!

And last but not least, here's a little bit of us... we launched 20 new powders, 15 new Premium Glitters and 4 new stamp designs. And do you know what.... they loved them YAY !!!
So now I get a couple of days rest and then it's off to Frankfurt to do it all again !!!
Marion xx

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