Thursday, 2 April 2015


2 NEW classes just Mixed Media ? You'll love these....

2 quick reminders....
1. We are closed Easter Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday
2. We are still open and probably will be for another month or so...BUT, if you haven't filled up your loyalty card by the time we close, keep hold of it as I'm TRYING to find a way of putting in place a loyalty scheme on line and I will TRY and find a way of working the old one in with the new.... That's the fairest I can be and I hope you'll agree :) :) although if I can't come up with a solution, DON'T throw stones at me, after all it is a free service !!! If I can't find a way of working it, a new on line scheme will come into play and the shop loyalty cards will become NULL and VOID !! I am at the mercy of my web provider to implement this.
In the meantime we have a rather large order coming in soon, I can still add to it so if anyone has special requests all we require is a small deposit to secure your order. Just let me know, on top of that LOADS of FABULOUS bargains have been added to the SALE cart.
Have a fabulous Easter everyone and let's hope the sun comes out to play
Marion xxx

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misteejay said...

Lovely effects Marion.
Happy Easter.
Toni xx