Tuesday, 15 October 2013


If there's one thing we hear time and time again, is that you guys that don't dwell in good 'ole Essex, want us to open a Sugar and Spice Crafts near you, well although the thought would be nice, it would also be impossible. So what have we done about your cries ???????
Well, if you can't get to us, then we'll come to you.
And we're starting that with some On-Line Classes, you're going to have to bear with us as we gradually build these for you, most of them will be FREE, there maybe one or two SPECIAL ones that they'll be a small price for, but you won't be disappointed, I promise !!
We'll add a list of products used, but we always try and and use a lot of generic stuff that you'll have in your stash anyway, so it's a way of getting your mojo going and to say THANK YOU for supporting Sugar and Spice Crafts from near and far.
The first one's up, so go check it out HERE, and I'm just working on another..... These things take time you know, we don't want to give you any old rubbish :) :)
We hope you enjoy them and your feedback would be much appreciated :) :)
Marion xx

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