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If there's one thing we hear time and time again, is that you guys that don't dwell in good 'ole Essex, want us to open a Sugar and Spice Crafts near you, well although the thought would be nice, it would also be impossible. So what have we done about your cries ???????
Well, if you can't get to us, then we'll come to you.
And we're starting that with some On-Line Classes, you're going to have to bear with us as we gradually build these for you, most of them will be FREE, there maybe one or two SPECIAL ones that they'll be a small price for, but you won't be disappointed, I promise !!
We'll add a list of products used, but we always try and and use a lot of generic stuff that you'll have in your stash anyway, so it's a way of getting your mojo going and to say THANK YOU for supporting Sugar and Spice Crafts from near and far.
The first one's up, so go check it out HERE, and I'm just working on another..... These things take time you know, we don't want to give you any old rubbish :) :)
We hope you enjoy them and your feedback would be much appreciated :) :)
Marion xx


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I feel very privileged to have been asked to design some cards using the fabulous Oakhouse Studio Products. Not only does she have some great stamps, ink pads and accessories but she also sells some amazing dyes that are so versatile, I love them !!! You have to check out her pipettes!!
Here's the first one of the three I designed.... You can check it out on her blog HERE, along with instructions...
I'll post the other two in the next couple of weeks ....
Enjoy xxxx


When it's a dress, of course !!!!
Here I've created a little bit of art using the fabulous JOFY stamps from PaperArtsy.
There's nothing not to like about these stamps, then again that goes for all of Jo's designs, simple yet effective and versatile.... See, they're not just for Christmas ... Makes you want to look at all your stamps and 'see' other ways of using them.

Happy December everyone Marion xxx


I'm very fortunate that I have some fabulous friends in this industry. And although we're all incredibly busy we get to meet up every so often.
From the possie of Leandra Franich, Julie Hickey, Paula Pacual, Emma Godfrey, Jo Firth Young and Lin Brown, only three of us were able to meet last week, namely Emma and Paula, although we missed the other guys, it didn't stop us eating, chatting and playing for the day.
It started with Paula sharing some of her lovely new Tonic products.... You absolutely need the pearlescent pastes .... They're gorgeous ....
Then off to the pub for a rather satisfying lunch, then back to mine where we put Emma on the spot...'show us some art journaling......... Pleeeeease'
And of course, Emma being Emma duly obliged, so out came my PaperArtsy paints and stamps along with my stencils and inks.... After being taught step by step, I can honestly say I'm hooked.... So much so that today after the gym myself and the lovely Polly came b…