Friday, 7 September 2012


This month at Fantastic Ribbons we all got to play with Washi Tape...well that was like giving sweets to a toddler.... I LOVE LOVE LOVE Washi. 
We (the design team) told each other what we were going to do and OH boy, you'll need to keep in touch with the blog as they have got some amazing cool.
Anyhoo's, I decided to part cover a book with mine, but I also thought Id have a little experiment, so I covered some white Bazzill Card stock with it and then die cut out a couple of flourishes, it wasn't the colour I wanted to I coloured it with Pro Markers...Perfect, it worked!!! and the joy is you can still see the pattern through it, then I wanted to make a flower, I know, I try and make flowers out of anything, but this was FAB, I just started with a circle of Bazzill and then started pleating and sticking as I went round, I did a couple of layers and then added a yummy button to finish it off. 
Quick tip: if you make an embellie from it and don't want it to be sticky on the backside, just add a spot of talcum powder, that will stop it sticking to things you don't want it to stick to :) :) 

Marion xxx


Jaki Morris said...

Maybe that's why our mums used to put talc on our backsides?


Soo said...

Jaki - that comment has got me giggling!! :)

Just picked up a few rolls of Washi today and can't wait to start playing. Hurrah!

Lise Cooke said...

wow it looks fabulous, Great tip too, I'm following the blog at Fantastic Ribbons too xxx

Louise said...

oh wow a super flower. I tried to make one like that only it didn't look anything like yours lol! Must remember to use talc next time x