Sunday, 15 July 2012


So my driving experience is going well, I'm still struggling with not using my left leg, my brain just does not compute. !!!
So then I changed to motorbikes LOL!! These pics were taken at the Harley Museum, it was like sitting in an armchair !!
But the next one took me right back to my teens, my mum and dad used to have a boat and driving Jerry and Sues's one really took me back, I got to 30mph, might not sound much but trust me on the water with a bit of chop, it's quite fast !!! Zoooooom
One more day before the class at CHA begins :) :)
I rather excited as I've had not one but two visits to Target.... Love that store, may need an extra case... Whoops already !!!
Marion xxxx


sheepies said...

wow looks like ewe guys had fun xxx

Rainbow Lady said...

Lovely pics.. we had a boat like that in Bermuda so I do agree with you about the speed..continue to enjoy your stay... and why no foodie pics??? xx

Rach x said...

Get you, you Rock Chick! Looks like your having a great time x