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Seriously, less than a week ago I was getting ready to set up for Ally Pally and since then I've been over to Ohio and while I am still awake, I thought I'd do a quick blogpost :) :)
So.. Ally Pally..what a fab many wonderful people and so many returning customers....we really appreciate it, thanks guys :)

Still setting up...but nearly there !!
One thing we enjoy about going to the Pally is our stay over on the Saturday night, we usually go to a lovely little Italian restaurant, but this time it was full so we ventured out and found another little Italian restaurant it was absolutely gorgeous.
Here's Polly giggling at something I couldn't possibly explain on here !!! ;)

I love this photo :)
So, with the Pally all done and dusted the very next morning I set off to Heathrow airport to make my long journey to Ohio with Richard from WOW embossing powders, to do some tutorial filming for their launch in the USA, we had a great flight, nearly missed our connecting flight but managed to get there some 12 hours later, boy we were tired !! But to beat the jetlag, we took ourselves off to a Japanese restaurant call Wasabi, the food was absolutely gorgeous. Now you know I like sharing my food photos with you and this time is no exception, here's my plate of chicken teriyaki. Mmmmmm delicious.

In fact I couldn't eat it all, there was a bowl of rice to the side as well, plus I'd had some miso soup and salad. Ahhh but it was lovely :) :)
I didn't get much sleep that night I put it down to nerves and jet lag but the sleep i did get i was so grateful for, as the next day we started the filming for the tutorials.
It's crazy really, as when I do QVC it's live and I knew that this was recorded, but I felt more nervous about this than QVC!!! With live TV you just go for it and if you mess up you mess up, with this you could stop start, stop start, stop start.
The nerves soon disappeared as the people there were so so lovely, they really put me at ease, I had to go and have make up done, which in my mind I thought I looked more like Groucho Marx. LOL... I've never had so much make up on my face or my eyebrows come to that, it was really funny.
My three sessions were with Julie McGuffee, originally from Bradford but now living in Texas. She is such a lovely lady, I really enjoyed working with her.

It was really funny how her English accent started coming back.
Here's a shot of all of us

Left to right is Suzy West, Richard Caslon, me, Julie McGuffee, and Julie Fan Fei Balzer.
By the way Richard is holding a heat gun to my head LOL !!!
We finished filming in the afternoon and had a few hours spare, so headed off to a lovely little outdoor shopping mall, you don't get many of those in the States, for a little bit of shopping, then Richard treated us to steak that evening in a very posh restaurant. Mmmmmmm. Sorry, I realised after I'd eaten it that I hadn't taken a photo, and it would've been rude to order another one LOL !!!
So the next day we head off for New York to drive to New Jersey where I get a tour of the Factory, call me a geek but I love things like that!! But that was not before we got held up in Cleveland all because President Obama was coming over and he stopped everything at the airport, no flights could land, and none could take off, thanks for that mr Obama !!!
This time we travelled in style as our car got upgraded to a Mustang, and very nice it was too.
I can't find the photo now, but take it from me it was really nice and RED!!
After a lovely meal with Craig and Earl we headed off for the airport for our return trip. We didn't have time for dessert in the restaurant so when we got to the airport, we found a lady selling gelato, now, it would've been rude not to try some, so try some we did, and it was gorgeous.

Here's the lovely gelato seller, never did get her name but she was so friendly :) :)
So, here I am back home feeling a little bit jetlagged and getting myself ready for next week in the shop, hope you've all enjoyed it, have a good one
Marion xxx
P.s. I'm hoping the moulds will be back in stock in about a week


bhavana said…
Hi Marion, Wow (pardon the pun), you must be shattered! Well, hope you have a relaxing weekend (if you can), I will call next week with my order for the mould & embossing powder! Glad you are back safely, enjoyed reading the blog!
Christine said…
Whirlwind is a bit of an understatement, I bet you are exhausted but what a brilliant time, great photos too :)

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