Monday, 26 March 2012

2 WEEKS......

Oh my goodness, I can't believe it's been 2 weeks since my last blog post #hangsheadinshame !!!
But I have had a bit of an excuse... I've been away working for WOW Embossing Powders at the NEC in Birmingham these last 5 days, now I'm not going to say it wasn't hard work, BUT...we do have so much fun and this time I got to meet so many of the WOW Design Team, they've seriously done some stunning projects !!
It was 4 days of full on classes, with lots of help from Neil, Rachel, Nicki and Tania... thanks guys :) :) :)
One of the classes we had some deaf ladies, who were such a delight, whilst we were teaching them the skills of embossing they were teaching us sign's Mary and her friend showing off the wonderful card they made

 If any of you who took the classes are reading this...THANK YOU.....You were all amazing !!!
Now let me introduce you to the gorgeous and seriously talented Rachel, what this girl can't do with Ultra High is nobody's business !!
 If you live in the Birmingham area, tell your local craft store they NEED her to come and demo WOW Powders - She's FAB !!!
And this is Sue, well Sue's hand actually, she's very shy LOL !! She introduced me to her "Life Stones", she is soooooo talented, they both put me to shame really !! So seeing as I hadn't had enough of embossing powders I decided to try my first "Life Stone" ... now it's nowhere nearly as good as Sue's and those of you that know me, know I'm more about the clean lines and not grunge so I tried to make a pretty one....
I'm actually quite pleased with it, but I'll let Sue be the judge of that !!!
Anyhoo's tomorrow is back to my "real" job, and it's really exciting as I've just been informed all my stash from CHA is landing at Heathrow tonight.... just in time for Ally Pally TOOT TOOT !!!!
PLUS...I've another lot of super duper Mashed Potatoes about to drop through the door .... WINK WINK ;) ;)
Managed to steal a couple of mins in the garden today..... absolutely gorgeous..lets hope it lasts
Marion xx


Louise said...

Never heard of "Life Stones" but they look fab, yours is so vibrant x

Bea said...

love the look of the life stones - enjoy Ally Pally - I am really jealoous as can't get time off work for the trip this time

Sandieshopacolic said...

Marion oooo wow love the Life Stones not heard of these I feel a demo on line would be nice eh? Hope to see you at Ally Pally (hugs) Sandie :o) x

Craftychris said...

Love the Life Stone, you did a fab job. Would love to know how to make one?? Pleeeeeze xx

Rach x said...

Lovely 'Life Stone' Marion, I need to try these too when I get five minutes. Thanks for your lovely comments - I had a blast and can't wait to see you again soon, Hugs Rach x