Wednesday, 25 January 2012


well after a very LONG journey we finally arrived in San Diego and ohhhh it's so beautiful !!!
We started off today by having breakfast overlooking the marina... Stunning!!! Then went down to Pacific Beach and took a stroll on the pier and happened to see some dolphins playing in the ocean, I'd like to think Kirsty would be impressed with that shot !!
Then we poodled on down to La Jolla and saw this little scene in one of the coves
Yes it's loads (I couldn't get them all in the shot) of seals just soaking up the sun, and if you wanted to go swim with them you could they just advised you to be careful... You don't say LOL
We spent the rest of the afternoon having a bit of retail therapy.... Now I know a post from the States is not complete without a shot of food.... And what was the first restaurant we visited.... Yep, you got it.... The Cheescake Factory, I'm not that bothered about their cheesecake, but I LOVE their mains, and here is one of my favs. It's a chicken salad sandwich on brioche .... Oh my it's soooooo yummy
I haven't got a clue what the pics are coming out like as blogger doesn't seem to be showing them in order, but I just know you can work out the difference between a sandwich a dolphin and a seal !!!


Jaki Morris said...

oh man, the dolphin shot is pure class. You have to go to Fashion Valley Mall. Old Town and, if you have time, the zoo. It's world famous you know!
Have fun, well more fun I mean

Christine L said...

oooohhhh all that and the CHA too???? Soooooooo jealous!
Christine x

Rainbow Lady said...

Wowee what superb pictures Marion. mmm Cheesecake factory envy going on here... as you know we love it too... missing it badly as none in the Highlands lol. Enjoy and have a fab time at CHA too Love Cynthia x

Weasel said...

Do the dolphins come with chips too? Great pics xx

Craftychris said...

what fantastic photo's, thank you so much for sharing! Have fun xxx

Bea said...

I think I wish I was one of those seals!!